A Body Living and Not Measurable: How Bodies are Constructed, Scripted and Performed Through Time and Space


A Body Living and Not Measurable: How Bodies are Constructed, Scripted and Performed Through Time and Space


Edited by Kathleen Glenister Robers, Ya-hui Irenna Chang and Łukasz Matuszyk

Format: eBook (PDF)

Year: 2016

The latest innovative research integrating time, space, and the body emerges from this dialogic volume. In-depth case studies locate the body’s constructions, scripts, and performances in architecture and the humanities.

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148 mm x 210 mm

This volume crashes through many boundaries: between academic disciplines, between  nations and cultures, and finally between the concepts ‘time’, ‘space’, and ‘body’. With contributors from architecture, literary studies, education, cultural studies, and other fields, chapters take a special interest in the body as it is constructed, scripted, and performed through time and space. Arranged into sections for ease of use in the advanced university course, chapters explore significant questions for the 21st century: What is time? What is the relationship between space and existence? Who controls our bodies? Is there hope for the future given hegemonic controls on the body? From liberature to freak shows, from crime fiction to choreography and art installations to disability, the lived body is explored in all its human puzzlement.

Kathleen Glenister Roberts

Part I Scripting Bodies: Literature, Rhetoric and Film

Time, Space and Body Reading in Terms of Cyberpunk Style in Science Fiction Cinema: The Case of the Island Movie
Sonay Ayyıldız and Senem Müştak

Sandra Cisneros’ The House on Mango Street: How Your Body Determines the Space You Occupy
Ya-hui Irenna Chang

Cold Case: Investigating Time, Space and the Body in Agatha Christie’s Five Little Pigs (1942)
Rachel Franks

Body, Time and Architecture in Liberature
Łukasz Matuszyk

Epideictics and Eternity: Functions of the Time-Present in Ritual Speech
Kathleen Glenister Roberts

Part II Performing Bodies: Art, Dance and Theatre

Investigations of Body and Space Relations in the Context of Performance
Damla Duru, Fatma Erkök and Pelin Dursun

Illuminating the Empty Space
Simon Dwyer

Engaging New Media in Performance Space: New Tools, New Settings, New Bodily Experiences
Fatma Erkök

Experience and the Interaction Between Body and Space
Saime Gümüştaş and Fatma Erkök

The Choreography of Space with Body
Esin Hasgül and Saime Gümüştaş

The Ambivalence of the Monstrous Body: From Freak Shows to Arts
Virgínia Laís Souza

Part III Constructing Bodies: Architecture, Public Space(s) and Institutions

Cast Space: Subverting the Spatial Paradigm
Peter W. Ferretto

Tributes and Temporality at Canada’s National War Memorial
Reina Green

Considering Clothing and Its Relation to Interior Architecture
Alistair Neil Harkess and Patricia Hepp

21st Century ‘Disciplinary Institutions’: The Making of Disability across Time
Leah Metcalf

The Cracks in Detroit: Stories of Hopeful Bodies in Desolate Spaces
Shelley Smith

Bodily Interventions in an Urban Context
İrem Burcu Ummansu and Pelin Dursun Çebi

Kathleen Glenister Roberts (Ph.D.: 2001, Indiana University-Bloomington) is Professor and Director of the Honors College at Duquesne University. She is the author of numerous essays and books, including Alterity and Narrative (SUNY Press), which won the National Communication Association Book of the Year Award in International and Intercultural Communication.

Ya-hui Irenna Chang is an assistant professor of English at Tunghai University. Her research interests include American ethnic literature, cultural studies, and film studies.

Łukasz Matuszyk obtained his MA degrees in English and Polish in 2013. He is pursuing a PhD, writing a thesis on liberature and e-liberature, and conducting classes (mainly in translation and practical English). His academic interests include liberature, literary theory, and the theory and practice of literary translation.