At the Crossroads of Crisis and Opportunity: Interdisciplinary Conversations


At the Crossroads of Crisis and Opportunity: Interdisciplinary Conversations


Edited by Peter Bray and Loyola McLean

Format: Paperback/eBook (PDF)

Interrogating the assumed relationship between crisis and the development of opportunity, this interdisciplinary volume offers a number of dialogues by international academics and practitioners from micro, meso and macro perspectives.


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Can crises and opportunities truly go hand in hand? The twelve chapters in this interdisciplinary collection provide a number of telling perspectives and conversational approaches that reflect upon the serious implications of this important question. They overwhelmingly agree that difficult crises events inevitably force individuals and societies to crossroads in their lives where they must make challenging personal and collective choices. Nonetheless, they also confirm that even faced with apparently new terrain and the confusing cartography of discomforting change there are unique and opportune pathways of response that can lead to positive developmental destinations. Attending to this question from the personal, communal, and international perspectives, in dialogue, academics and practitioners from around the globe interrogate this possibility linking the threads between the processes and conditions in which opportunities borne of crises might flounder or be assisted to flourish.

At the Crossroads
Peter Bray and Loyola McLean

Part I Personal Crises that Create Opportunities and Relational Maps of Transformation

Post-Crises Opportunities: A Personal Account of Bereavement and Growth
Peter Bray

Stories of Opportunity in Crisis when the Therapist has a Life Threatening Illness
Graeme James

Light at the End of the Tunnel? Exploring Transformation in a Family Violence Research Project
Penny Ehrhardt and Gaylene Little

Leaving the Old House in Story and Song: An Attachment and Relational Perspective on Personal and Communal Crises
and Post-Traumatic Growth
Loyola McLean

Part II Finding Benefit in Crises and Identifying Opportunities: Selves and Communities in Reflection and Action

Trust as an Opportunity in Public Risk and Crisis Management
Jörgen Sparf

Energy Crisis Management: What Is the Key?
Catherine Bermudez Diomampo

Pedagogical Conflict Creates Opportunities to Embrace Student Centred Learning
Cheryl McConnell and Gillian Postlewaight

Part III The Precarious Balance between Crisis and Opportunity: Critique and Conflict in the Personal and the Political

Crises and the Opportunity for Conversion: Some Examples from Interwar Britain
Paul Chigwidden

Neo-Liberal Crisis and Salvation: Self-Help and the Crisis of Graduate Unemployment in China
Chen Hee Tam

Left-Behind Wives’ Lived Experiences: The Crisis on the Other Side of Nepalese Labour Migration
Adhir Sharma and Mary Ditton

Part IV Crises Writ Large: International Perspectives on the Creation of Opportunities

Finding Opportunities in the Global Crisis of Migration
Mary Ditton

The Non-Ephemeral Forgiveness
Meera Chakravorty

Peter Bray, PhD, is an Associate Professor at the Eastern Institute of Technology in Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. His current client-focused research and writing reflect interdisciplinary interests in the psychology of counselling practice and theory, and relationships between loss, bereavement, and spiritual consciousness that impact upon experiences of post-traumatic growth.

Loyola McLean, FRANZCP PhD, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist, is an Associate Professor with BMRI and a Faculty supervisor in the Westmead Psychotherapy Program, University of Sydney. Her interdisciplinary approach uses attachment theory, neuroscience and relational approaches to research the contributions of development and trauma to integrative medicine.