Beyond Present Patient Realities: Collaboration, Care and Identity


Beyond Present Patient Realities: Collaboration, Care and Identity


Edited by Peter Bray and Ana Maria Borlescu

Format: Paperback/eBook (pdf)

Through a plurality of voices, supported both empirically and theoretically, this volume provides a discussion of patient care and identity, emphasizing the significance of a collaborative approach to care.


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The patient is not merely the object of care, but an active subject constructing the illness experience and its social representations. This collection emphasizes the importance of social context, morality and social networks in patient care. By discussing the individual at the heart of medical care, this volume thoughtfully examines the realities of patient roles, rights, and relationships and suggests alternative approaches to patient caring based on communication and collaboration between patients and carers. As usual there are no simple answers but this collection provides multiple perspectives, or realities, that will assist the reader to think more broadly about the position of the patient, the character of the institution, and how future practice and research into patient-provider relationships might be grown and guided by patient realities rather than by simple socio-political exigencies.

Beyond Present Patient Realities
Peter Bray and Ana Maria Borlescu

Part I Realities and Perceptions

The Prince Is the Patient: A Shakespearean Tragi-Fantasy of Total Institutional Care
Peter Bray

Healing Representations in Literature and Cinema
Davina Marques and Fabiana Carelli

‘At the two poles of birth and death’: The Failure of Care in Hilary Mantel’s Every Day Is Mother’s Day and Vacant Possession
Eric Sandberg

‘To be or not to be…’: Identity Lost or Identity (Re)Gained in Pedro Almodóvar’s La ley del deseo (1987) and La piel que habito (2011)?
Jytte Holmqvist

Part II Realities: Patient Roles, Rights and Relationships

Performing Illness: Patients’ Narrative Constructions of Illness, Interactions and Resistance
Ana Maria Borlescu

In Exploration of the Moral Underpinnings of the Decision to Euthanize
Iva Apostolova

Part III Realities of Care in Practice

Re-Conceptualising Critical Care Nursing: One Team’s Approach
Janett Kajic Jackson and Svatka Micik

Coaching, Commitment, Courage: Keys to Patient Centred Care
Svatka Micik and Nihada Besic

Crises Lead to Opportunity
Susanna Bujtas

The Fennell Four Phase Model: A Programme for Addressing Culture Shock, Trauma, and Counter-Transference
in Volunteerism
Patricia Fennell, Sara Rieder Bennett, Ann Fantauzzi and Kelly Bertrand

Peter Bray is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Counselling, Human Services and Social Work at The University of Auckland, New Zealand. He has been widely published in scholarly peer-reviewed journals and has published collections of work on client care and trauma. His current research and writing in counselling and psychology concerns itself with the quality of client-counsellor relationships, clients challenged by crises, and the role that spirituality plays in post-traumatic growth.

Ana Maria Borlescu is completing her PhD in Sociology at the University of Bucharest, Romania. She has published articles and chapters on the social representations and organization of healthcare and alternative medicine. Her current research and interests address the discursive representations of healthcare and its actors in doctors’ and patients’ discourses, self-care and technology as well as cultural influences on narrative representations of illness and care.