Clashing Wor(l)ds: From International to Intrapersonal Conflict

CC 4 (Communication and Conflict) eBook

Clashing Wor(l)ds: From International to Intrapersonal Conflict


Edited by Anthony M. Ocaña

Year: 2016

Format: eBook (PDF)

From examining war cries to reflecting on counselling sessions, Clashing Wor(l)ds takes a multidisciplinary approach to investigating the role of communication in global, national, and personal conflicts.

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What drives young men to terroristic extremes? How can coverage of the sex industry impede criminalization efforts? Why can’t college students just get along? Presenting an array of perspectives, applications, and approaches toward conflict analysis, this ebook tackles challenging topics we face not only globally, but also in our most personal interactions. Beginning with the language that launched the Iraq war, we examine how nations and cultures clash across borders. Within borders, we explore the impact of language on identity, alienation, and nation-sanctioned vice.  Finally, we get personal as we examine how students and young professionals struggle with power and identity in their efforts to effectively express who they are and how they relate to others. Clashing Wor(l)ds reveals the inescapable connection between communication and conflict, where only greater understanding can offer hope for better relations.

Anthony M. Ocaña

Part I Conflict beyond Borders

Mapping Out Bush’s Anti-Iraq Rhetoric
Marta Rzepecka

Terrorism and Literature: The Case of Yasmina Khadra’s The Sirens of Baghdad
Azzeddine Bouhassoun

Translation as Intercultural Communication
Jane Elisabeth Wilhelm

Part II Conflict within Borders

Impeding the Reform Criminalizing Sex Industry Clients: Three Decades of Israeli Press Coverage
Anat Klin

The Non-Human Code in Anecdotes Where Dehumanisation Is Present: Relevant Associations
Aniuska M. Luna

Conflicts Regarding Official Status of Languages in Spain
Lucas Álvarez Canga

Much More than a Game: The Role of Commercial Advertising in the Struggle between the Advocates and Opponents of Gambling
Marco Pedroni

Part III Conflict between Persons

Effects of Gender and Message Design Logic on Motivation to Cooperate in a Conflict Situation
Aileen L. S. Buslig and Anthony M. Ocaña

Power as Determinant of the Distributive Conflict Resolution: Strategies of University Students
Gražina Čiuladienė

Beginning Counsellors’ Performances of Self to Client Audiences
Peter Bray

Anthony M. Ocaña (Ph.D., North Dakota State University, 2008) is an Assistant Professor of communication studies and leadership in the School of Communication and Journalism at Minnesota State University Moorhead. His conflict research has examined conflict messages in Enron’s email corpus, message design logics among student groups, presentations of conflict in sitcoms, and the relational impact of roommate conflict styles. In addition to teaching communication courses, he advises students in the MSUM Dragon Leadership Program and KMSC Dragon Radio.