Conflicts in Childhood

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Conflicts in Childhood


A collection of inter-disciplinary perspectives on conflicts in childhood from international scholars, ranging from adult representations of children in literature, law and education to those experienced in children’s everyday lives.

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Childhood is not merely a simple developmental stage prior to adulthood but rather a complex, changeable concept that is of interest and debated by international scholars from diverse disciplinary fields. One emerging debate is the perceived conflicts in childhood. Some of these are from adults representations of children, for example in literature, law and education to the practical and relational conflicts children experience at school and at home between peers, siblings and others. This volume presents a collection of these conflicts in childhood from interdisciplinary perspectives. Consideration is given to children’s rights and freedom, childhood relationships, gender, children’s representation in media and policies and politics about children.

Introduction: Conflicts in Childhood 
Miriam K. Damrow

Part I Rights, Freedom and Conflicts

International Institutions Guarding the Rights of the Child
Marta Prucnal-Wójcik

The Right of the Child to be Heard and the Question of Maturity: A Recursive Approach to Participation
Daniel Stoecklin and Jennifer Caseldine-Bracht

Socialization and Freedom: The Problems of Childhood in the Case of Peter Pan, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and the Chinese Fantasy Monkey
Shiqin Chen

‘Surfeits of Pathological Piety’: Defining and Denying Childhood in Early Children’s Literature
Richard C. Burke

Part II Politics and Policies

Contemporary Policy: Children and Young People’s Workforce in Crisis as Schools are Directed to Return to So-Called Traditional Educational Values
Doug Martin and Ally Dunhill

Oversized Loads: Children Parentification in Low-Income Families and the Underlying Parent-Child Dynamics
Li Ping Chee and Esther CL Goh

When Does Childhood End?
Marit Netland

Part III Gender and Conflicts

Child Protection and Children’s Sexuality in Germany
Miriam K. Damrow

Girls’ Relationships with Others at Primary and Secondary School: How They Affect Bullying and Coping Strategies Used
Helen Hearn

‘Miss in Her Teens’: Parenting Adolescent Gentlewomen in Eighteenth-Century England and Virginia
Cathleene B. Hellier

Children’s Socialization in the Lithuanian Family: Gender and Religious Identities
Rasa Račiūnaitė-Paužuolienė

Part IV Family, Relationships and Conflicts

An Exploratory Study on Parents’ Relationship with Siblings of Children with Autism
Gina W. L. Chan and Esther C. L. Goh

The Role of Children’s Agency in the Dynamics between Parents and Their Children Diagnosed with Attention Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
Hui Mei Wong and Esther C. L. Goh

Part V Media, Childhood and Conflicts

Sexual and Physical Defiance in Jamaica Kincaid’s Annie John
Noora Shamsi Bahar

Portrait of the Child as a Young Artist
Wendy C. Turgeon

Sensei in the Picture: Teachers and Pupils in Japanese School Album Photographs (1942-2010)
Aurore Montoya

Looking through Landscapes of Technology: Impact of Virtual Worlds in Children’s Lives
Abílio Oliveira, Ricardo Dias and Bráulio Alturas

We Need to Talk about Ambivalence toward the Child in Contemporary Literary Fiction: A Case Study of Lionel Shriver’s We Need to Talk about Kevin and Doris Lessing’s The Fifth Child
Elizabeth Jackson

Miriam Damrow is a lecturer at the University of Applied Sciences Dusseldorf, Germany. Her research interests deal with institutions of education and care in early childhood, including structural aspects such as gender, sexuality, and other dimensions of inequality. Her latest research projects include child protection, childhood in public spheres, and diversity, social inclusion and heterogeneity.

Helen Hearn is an ESRC funded Education PhD student at University of Nottingham, UK. Her research interests are in childhood, gender, pupil research and bullying. Her thesis addresses listening to primary school aged girls marginalised voices on girls bullying using a pupil research methodology.