Creative Engagements: Thinking with Children


Creative Engagements: Thinking with Children


Edited by Daniel Shepherd

Year: 2005

Format: eBook

As interaction, thinking with children is genuinely remarkable. It is through creative engagement that this volume embodies this potential in its fullest sense. In this volume, 17 different perspectives are given which describe interactions which seek to creatively engage thinking with children.

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On the morning of July 14th, 2005; a group of international philosophers, teachers, educational professionals, and educational specialists gathered at Mansfield College in Oxford, England for a conference entitled “Creative Engagements: Thinking with Children”. Many of the presentations from that conference are collected into this volume. These essays comprise a written record of the ideas which served as the initial foundation for further dialogue at the conference. Even after the conference has ended, the dialogue which arose out of these essays continues to constitute a remarkable exploration of interdisciplinary perspectives on creatively engaging with children. However, in order to fully appreciate this conference record, the dialogue which sprung from it, and the professionals and thinkers which were its genesis, we must first pause and explore precisely why this conference initiated such a remarkable dialogue and powerful eBook. To be sure, without the interaction which the conference facilitated, the dialogue would never have been possible. In this light, let us consider what may constitute a remarkable interaction and why it was so aptly translated into a dialogue concerning creative engagement and thinking with children.

Daniel Shepherd

Part 1: Creativity, Engagement and Education

Creative Engagement: Where Teaching and Learning Meet
Sharon Lee

“Creativity in its broadest sense” and its Role in the Education of Children with Severe Disabilities – A Case Study
Lefkothea Kartasidou

Human Centred Education
Deborah Whitford

Part 2: Engagement with People, Process and Problematic Thought
From Socrates to Lipman: Making Philosophy Relevant
Gilbert Burgh

Part 3: Engagement and Inquiry
Creative, Critical and Caring Engagements: Philosophy through Inquiry
Sarah Davey

Part 4: Engagement, Language, Thinking
Creative Activities in the Greek English Foreign Language Classroom
Pericles Tangas

Part 5: Engagement and Intelligence
Developing Cooperative Contexts for Creativity
Lynda Baloche

Creativity and Engagement in Visual Art Education: A Permanent Comparison between the Obtained and the Deserved
Beatriz Cerkez & Tonka Tacol

Part 6: Engagement and Play
Sibling Teaching in the Context of Play
Maureen Mweru

Embracing the Child at Play
Daniel Shepherd

The Impact of Philosophy for Children in a High School English Class
Chad Miller

Part 7: Engagement with the Writing, Reading and Thinking Process
Learning to Write Right Before School: The Conditions of Natural Learning that Lead to Engagement with Process, Product and People
Phil Fitzsimmons

Deep Education: Perception as Educational Response
Stephanie Burdick

Part 8: Engagement with Space, Place and Case
Spending Time Writing Rhymes: Representations of Schooling, Writing, and the Teenage Experience in Rap
Susan Weinstein

A Virtual Character for Face to Face Interaction with Children in E-learning
Roya Foroughi

Part 9: Philosophy and Children
Learning Philosophical Dialogue in Preschool
Marie-France Daniel

Narrating the Reasons Why
Valentina Martini

Daniel Shepherd, Fordham University.