Diasporas: Critical and Inter-Disciplinary Perspectives


Diasporas: Critical and Inter-Disciplinary Perspectives


Edited by Jane Fernandez

Year: 2009

Format: eBook


The wide range of topics in this ebook offers a broad scope for engagement with issues pertaining to what has become one of the most contestable concepts of our times: diaspora/s.

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The Conference Diasporas: Critical Issues at Mansfield College, Oxford from July 5th -8th 2008 provided a thinking-space for those of us invariably interested in, or who work with, issues and concepts of the diaspora/s. The conference signposted several themes which drew scholars and practitioners from a cross-section of disciplines across the globe. The wide range of topics offered a broad scope for engagement with issues pertaining to what has become one of the most contestable concepts of our times: diaspora/s.

Jane Fernandez

Section I: Diaspora/Diaspora/Diasporas
Framing the Diaspora: The Politics of Identity and Belonging
Jane Fernandez

Politics of ‘Diasporization’ in Post-Soviet Central Asia
Olivier Ferrando

‘The Last Soviet Generation’ in Britain
Andy Byford

The Russendisko and Music from and of the Post-Soviet Diaspora
David-Emil Wickström

Are National Minorities of the Former USSR becoming New Diasporas? The Case of the Tatars of Kazakhstan
Yves-Marie Davenel

Measuring Diasporic Identities A Survey on Foreign Students Attending the University of Pisa
Gabriele Tomei

The Diasporisation of Contemporary Overseas Chinese: From Alienation to an Alternative Way of Life
Jia Gao

Diversity within Chinese Diaspora: Old and New Huaqiao Residents in South Korea
Young Ju Rhee

A Diaspora of Descendants? Contemporary Caledonian Society Members in Melbourne, Australia – A Case Study
Kim Sullivan

From Pan-Nationalism to Cosmopolitanism: Epistemological Tensions in Diasporic Filipino Activism
Marco Cuevas-Hewitt

Section II: Home and Heimat
Identity, Social Roots and Empowerment: A Study of the Low Castes Diaspora in the West Indies
Ghan Shyam

Migration, Settlement and Identity: A Cultural Theme of the Muslim Diaspora after Partition of India-1947
Muhammad Abrar Zahoor

The Return of the Diaspora to the Homeland: Israel and Pakistan Compared
Theodore P. Wright, Jr

Palestinian Diaspora goes Global through American-Palestinian Prose
Wesam Al-Assadi

Diasporas, Difference and Dialogue: The Case of Africans and Europeans in London
Ursula Troche

The Formation of Stereotypes about the Cuisine of the Armenian Diaspora among Armenians who live in Armenia
Evgenia Guliaeva

My Red, Gold and Green Bindi: The Semiotics of Identity, Authenticity and Ownership in Multicultural Canada
Naki Osutei

Section III: Diaspora – Performances and the Imaginary
Border-crossing Witnesses: Life Narrative as Testimony in the Tibetan Diaspora
Julie Fletcher

Securing Justice for Economic Refugees through Unionization
Mitch Avila and Edgar M. Medina

Justice and Immigration: Are Constraints Unjustifiable? A Global Luck Egalitarian Account
Orsolya Reich

Returning to the Diaspora: Israeli Women Living in the UK – Challenges to Identity and Psychological Implications
Yasmin Fulder-Heyd

Integration through Education: Muslims of the United States of America
Jeffrey M. Byford and Kent F. Schull

Tracking the Diasporic Gaze
Birgit Breninger and Thomas Kaltenbacher

A Commercial Identity? The Antipodean Image in London
Robert Crawford

Points of Entanglement:The Overdetermination of German Space and Identity in Walk on Water
Nicholas Baer

The Return Home Through The (Magic) Film Image
José Manuel Mouriño

Labour Migration in CIS-countries: Tendencies, Formation of Diasporas and Impact Development
Sergey Ryazantsev

Harnessing the Power of the African Diaspora: Institutional and Policy Dynamics
Jack Mangala

Researching the Irish Diaspora: From Concept to Political Strategy
Breda Gray

Jane Fernandez is Senior Lecturer in the Faculty of Arts, Avondale College, NSW, Australia. She has a PhD in Postcolonial Literature. Besides her interest in research and teaching, she writes poetry and has produced several plays. email: jane.fernandez@avondale.edu.au.