Diasporic Choices

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Diasporic Choices


Edited by Renata Seredyńska-Abou Eid

Year: 2013

Format: eBook

This volume presents diasporas in the context of globalisation and contributing social, historical and cultural factors within film, literature, poetry and current socio-political and international matters.

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This volume examines the complex and inter-disciplinary issue of diaspora in the context of globalisation and contributing social, historical and cultural factors of the modern world. Each chapter offers a distinct point of view and a particular way of understanding diasporas in numerous cultures and societies in different parts of the globe. The collection consists of a series of detailed analyses of aspects ranging from diasporic representations in the cinema, literature and poetry to diasporic projections in current socio-political and international matters. Each chapter provides an individual examination of a particular aspect of diaspora in order to frame a bigger picture of modern diasporic choices.

Introduction: Diasporic Choices
Renata Seredyńska-Abou Eid

Part 1: Cinema as Diasporic Reflection

Particle/Wave: Cinema as Conservator in a Diasporic World
Catherine G. Carey

Bollywood in Diaspora: Cherishing Occidentalist Nostalgia
Asma Sayed

A Phenomenological Reading of Temporality and Natality in Relation to the Diasporic Indian Reception of the Bollywood Text with Reference to Mauritius
Farhad Abdool Kader Sulliman Khoyratty

Yellow Sea: A Floating Home of Chinese Korean Minority
Mengyan YU

Part 2: Diasporic Narrations and Fragments

Transcending the Limitations of Diaspora as a Category of Cultural Identity in Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s The Thing around Your Neck
Elizabeth Jackson

Esmeralda Santiago: Writing Memories, Creating a Nation
Anabela Alves

Marriage Conventions in Monica Ali’s Brick Lane
Asma Mansoor

Diaspoetics in the Literature of Karen Tei Yamashita: Brazilian and Japanese Diasporas Compared
Claudio Braga and Glaucia R. Gonçalves

Global Cosmopolitanism and Diasporic Singularities
Jairus Omuteche

Walcott’s Poetry: Portrayal of Broken Boundaries
Shri Krishan Rai and Anugamini Rai

Part 3: Diasporic Generations

Gendered Diasporas across Generations: The New African Diaspora in Vancouver
Gillian Creese

Young Migrant: Rooted Generations of Germany in Fatih Akin’s Films
Yildirim Uysal

Linguistic Attitudes and Linguistic Practices in the Global Age: The Case of the First Generation of Serbian Highly Educated Migrants
Ana Jovanović and Ivana Vučina Simović

Part 4: Shifting and Maintaining Identities

Searching for Authenticity through Desire: Greek Canadian Women and the Heritage Fling
Anastasia Panagakos

Diasporic Circassian National Identity: An Example of the Circassian Diaspora in Jordan
Natalia Agnieszka Hapek

Traditional Rituals or Return of the Empire
Siranush Dvoyan

Topological and Content Analysis of the Cyberspace of the Indian Diaspora
Eric Leclerc

Un/settling Im/migrants: Towards Decolonising Immigrant-Indigenous Relationships
Nishant Upadhyay

Part 5: Adaptation and Reproduction in Diaspora

Magazine Contacto: The Construction and (Re)production of the Portuguese Diaspora in the Mediascape
Sónia Ferreira

Cultural Adaptation and Translation as Motivation for Researching the Polish Diaspora in the United Kingdom
Renata Seredyńska-Abou Eid

Renata Seredyńska-Abou Eid is a PhD candidate at the University of Nottingham, UK. Her interests encompass cultural translation and cultural issues in migration and diaspora. Currently her project is aimed at researching cultural translation among Polish migrants in the East Midlands, UK.