Educational Tales of the Unexpected: Children and Creativity


Educational Tales of the Unexpected: Children and Creativity


Edited by Doireann O’Connor

Year: 2014

Format: eBook


The creativity of children and the adults in their lives is explored here with particular reference to engagement, the learning environment, the arts, technology and global trends.

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Research, practice and scholarship combine in this book to deliver stories of creative engagements with children. This is achieved through a showcasing of interdisciplinary examples of the variety of forms occupied by the multiplicitious and fascinating sphere of human creativity. The creativity of children and of the adults in their lives is recorded through the lens of engagement. Engagement with the self, with the other and with learning, development and humanity are all revealed as central to creativity. Five key themes emerge as contemporarily relevant. These are the creative learning environment, the importance of the early years, the role of the arts, the multiple applications of technology and exciting new directions within creative engagement from a global perspective. This is a book which will provide inspiration and refreshment for all who strive to achieve creative engagement with children and young people.

Doireann O’Connor

Part I Creative Learning Environments

The Magic of a Creative and Engaging Classroom
Denise M. Maynard

Architecture, Space and Pedagogy in Pistoia: The Integration of Space, Design and the Learning Process
Veronica West

Fly Me to the Moon
Paula Jackson

Part II Creativity and the Early Years

Creativity Development in Early Childhood: The Role of Educators
Doireann O’Connor

Growing Islands of Interest: Nurturing the Development of Young Children’s Working Theories
Keryn Davis, Sally Peters and Eleanor White

Facilitating Creativity: With, When, Who and Whom
Raja Omar Bahatheg

Part III Childhood Creativity and the Arts

Conflicts between Teaching Creativity and Teaching
Associated Skills in Pre-School through Art
Patricia MacLaughlin

The Free-Improvised Creative Space: An Experimental
Revision of Musical and Creative Development
Charlie Bramley

Part IV Creativity and Technology

The Participatory and Collaborative Textual Practices
of Fable III
Alex Bacalja

The Impact of Technology on Creativity in the Middle
Megan Stanley

Part V New Directions in Creative Engagement

Curiosita Teaching: Integrating Creative Thinking into
all Teaching and Learning
Richard A. Shade and Patti Garrett Shade

Engaging Children in Creative Solutions to
Bully-Victim Problems in Schools
Ken Rigby

Doireann O’Connor is an Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education at The University of Notre Dame, Australia. The development of creativity through childhood education is her specialist area. Her interests relate to creativity, early childhood holistic development, play, connectivity in the classroom, freedom in schools, learning environments, teacher education, early years pedagogy and reflective practice.