Exploring Interdisciplinary Trends in Creativity & Engagement

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Exploring Interdisciplinary Trends in Creativity & Engagement


Edited by Barbra McKenzie & Phil Fitzsimmons

Year: 2010

Format: eBook


What does it mean to be creative? Can creativity be taught? How can creativity be fostered and nurtured in a classroom environment predicated on the notion of testing and assessment? These were the types of questions that challenged the authors, that demanded answers and resonated and echoed across the interdisciplinary papers and presentations during their time at Mansfield College, Oxford. This eBook is a result of those presentations.

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The levels of interdisciplinary engagement, sharing and positive collegial interactions that took place across these three days at Oxford is a testament to the ability of conference presenters to accomplish the task of synthesising discipline- specific knowledge and understanding and then re-frame this in such a way that this became accessible to colleagues across a range of alternate discipline areas. The success of this conference and this volume is the willingness to ‘hear’ an alternate range of perspectives across a diverse number of disciplines and to share with others their own understandings. This eBook stands as a marker of their success.

Barbra McKenzie and Phil Fitzsimmons

Section I: Significant Others
Can We, Should We Teach Teachers Creative Thinking?
Adva Margaloit

A Case Study in Doing Anti-Racism Pedagogy
Nado Aveling and Helen Hatchell

Exploring Resilience Through Narrative Texts
Cecelia du Toit

Children Creatively Engaging Each Other
Cathie Harrison and Christine Moradini

The Cultural Genesis of Creativity: An Emerging Paradigm
Vlad – Petyre Glaveanu

Teaching Creative Engagement
Barbra McKenzie

A Creative Social Studies Classroom
Mostafa Shekhzade

Finding the ‘I’ in Creativity
Phil Fitzsimmons and Ruth Lindsell

Section II: Role of the Environment
Engaging Students via Organizational Engagement
Hsio-Chi Chang

Outcomes-Based Education
Lesley Caust

Creative Development through Performance
Josephine Mokwunyei

Studying Childhood with Children
Naile Berbergolu

Engaging Students, Teachers and Parents
Jane Simister

A Gift to Our Lost Childhood
Sofia Pantouvaki

Blossoming through Literary Engagement
Sujin B. E. Huggins

Section III: Future Possibilities
Filoesco and the Aion Space
Lúcia Helena Cavasin Zabotto Pulino

Children’s Creative Imagination
Wahju Agung Widjajanto, Michael Lund, Heidi Schelhowe, Sunthararajan Subraman, & Martha Friedrich

Can Children Engage in Philosophical Enquiry?
Morag Gaut

Barbra McKenzie currently lectures in Language and Literacy to pre-service teachers in the Faculty of Education at the University of Wollongong, Australia.

Phil Fitzsimmons is a senior lecturer at the University of Wollongong.