Exploring Nostalgia: Sad, Bad, Mad and Sweet


Exploring Nostalgia: Sad, Bad, Mad and Sweet


Edited by Anita Dremel and Daniel Juckes

Format: eBook (PDF)

Year: 2016

This volume combines scholarship from diverse fields to reinterpret nostalgia for the twenty-first century. Multi-faceted and vibrant, it is an important contribution to a burgeoning, varied field.

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Exploring Nostalgia considers nostalgia as a force that shapes culture, the self, and the state. It describes ways in which the nostalgic impulse is co-opted, created, questioned, and championed from a diverse array of disciplinary perspectives. Nostalgia as feeling is pivotal in the construction and contradiction of identity; as tool it is vital in the morphing and moulding of history. From post-colonial, to post-Soviet, to post-national views of home and the past, to the sculpting of story itself, this volume asks questions about how we remember and what those memories might offer. The chapters seek to warn and reassure, to imagine and to restrain; they all acknowledge the power of this bitter and sweet longing for something lost – whether real or imagined – and explore the ways in which nostalgia shapes the stories we tell about ourselves. The volume is an important contribution to the ways in which this multifaceted, much-maligned sentiment is considered.

Anita Dremel

The Promise of Return: Nostalgia and Ambivalent Commitments to Place in Arab and Afghan Refugee Experiences
David Elijah Bell

Mu Xin’s Nostalgic Poetic Salvation
Tianzhong Deng

Bringing the Past Back to the Future: The Politics of Memory on the Example of Yugonostalgia
Anita Dremel and Andrea Zekić

Ways to Feel the Past: Life Writing, Objects, and Nostalgia
Daniel Juckes

Colonial Nostalgia? Demolition of Colonial Space and Its Aftermaths in Hong Kong
Wing Man Liza Kam

Towards a Poetics of Nostalgia: An Aristotelian Model of Aesthetic Episodic Memory
Hal McDonald

Exploring a Cuban Nostalgia: Wendy Guerra’s Todos se van 
Myriam Osorio

Accessing Nostalgia: Programming for Dementia in Museums
Jenny Phelan

Anita Dremel holds a PhD in sociology and is an assistant professor at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. Her research interests include cultural sociology, critical discourse analysis, theory of modernisation, gender theory and feminism.

Daniel Juckes is a PhD candidate at Curtin University, Western Australia. His research interests include family history, Thing Theory, and autobiography, and his writing has been published in Australian Book Review and Westerly: New Creative.