Fan Studies: Researching Popular Audiences


Fan Studies: Researching Popular Audiences


Edited by Alice Chauvel, Nicolle Lamerichs and Jessica Seymour

Year: 2014

Format: eBook


Though popular imagery often captures fans as lonely or odd, they are enthusiastic consumers, sharing ideas, creative work and critical reflection on a global scale. Within this anthology, we seek to understand the term ‘fandom’ as a state of being as well as a state of doing, and reflect on the different enthusiasms and interests which bring people together all over the world.

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This volume brings together a variety of critical perspectives in the rapidly growing field of fan studies. We have engaged with multiple disciplines and theorists in order to explore the various methods of fan production and research. Whether fans engage in the real-world, online, or define themselves by their lack of engagement, the ability of fans to participate and share their enthusiasms with one another is one of the most striking and intriguing features of the fandom phenomena. Fan communities have directed their remarkable fervour towards charitable causes, bringing television shows and book characters back from the dead, and honing their creative skills before pursuing fandom-worthy material of their own. We explore fandom as a social space and constructed identity, fuelled by talented creators and enthusiastic consumers, and building on the global connectedness born from the digital age.

Fan Studies: Researching Popular Audiences
Jessica Seymour, Alice Chauvel and Nicolle Lamerichs

Part I Investigating Fan Practices

Is there a ‘Fan Identity?’
Agata Włodarczyk

Pop Culture Tourism: A Research Model
Christine Lundberg and Maria Lexhagen

The Pleasures of Fandom and the Affective Divide: Chinese Pop Fandom in Singapore
Hattie Liew

Part II Female Fans and Fandom

Mommy Porn and Regurgitated Fiction: The Silencing of Women in Fan Debates about Pulled to Publish Fan Fiction
Monica Flegel and Jenny Roth

‘Fassination’, Fandom and the Crisis of Hegemony: Michael Fassbender’s Performance of Masculinity and the Female Gaze
Barbara Braid

From Football Terraces to the Television Screens: Gender, Sexuality and Community in Online Fandoms
Ann-Marie Cook and Deirdre Hynes

Part III Alternative Fans Practices and Engagement

Fandom and Social Engagement: From Fanfiction Led Social Causes
Alice Chauvel

Lizzie Bennet: Breaking the Fourth Wall Since 2012
Jessica Seymour

Cosplay: The Affective Mediation of Fictional Bodies
Nicolle Lamerichs

Alice Chauvel is a recent graduate of the University of Warwick’s Centre for Cultural Policy. Currently an independent scholar, her master’s dissertation delved into the motivations behind fan activism. Her research interests are strongly centered around the links between popular culture, media, and political engagement.

Nicolle Lamerichs is a lecturer at Utrecht University. Her dissertation, Productive Fandom (Maastricht University, 2014), combines cultural theory and media studies with ethnographic methods. She has published at Transformative Works and Cultures and has contributed to various edited volumes amongst which is Sherlock and Transmedia Fandom (Stein & Busse, 2012).

Jessica Seymour is a PhD candidate at Southern Cross University and a recipient of the Australian Postgraduate Award. Her research interests include children’s and young adult literature, genre theory and textual analysis, speculative fiction and transmedia storytelling.