Fashion and Its Multi-Cultural Facets

Fashion 5 ver2cover

Fashion and Its Multi-Cultural Facets


Edited by Patricia Hunt-Hurst and Sabrina Ramsamy-Iranah

Year: 2014

Format: eBook


Fashion and Its Multi-Cultural Facets represent the people, places, and products of fashion and dress. Topics are approached from a variety of academic disciplines, cultural backgrounds and experiences.

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Fashion is multi-faceted in its inclusion of people, places, and products. How people dress and adorn themselves reflect their space, their time, and their innovators. This collection of essays reflects the changing world of fashion from historic topics of change, to new fashion places, to new media outlets for fashion communication, and to critical issues related to comfort, ethics, and innovation. The authors examine familiar names of fashion like Coco Chanel and Tim Walker and introduce us to new names like Ann Lowe, Tommaso Cecchi De’Rossi, and Warwick Freeman. The contributors to this collection represent a variety of places (Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and North America) and share their observations, studies, and experiences from the perspective of their cultural backgrounds and disciplines.

Patricia Hunt-Hurst and Sabrina Ramsamy-Iranah

Part 1: Fashion: Past and Future

Fashioning the Other: Representations of Brazilian Women’s Dress in National Geographic, 1888-1988
Elizabeth Kutesko

Elizabeth Keckly and Anne Lowe: Constructing Fashionable Black Identity
Elizabeth Way

Barbara Hoff: Polish Fashion Dictator in the People’s Republic of Poland (1945-1989)
Dominika Łukoszek

The Atelier and the Apartment: Coco Chanel and the Interior
Jess Berry

Phantom Red: Colour, Fashion and Film in the 1920s
Victoria Jackson and Bregt Lameris

The Siren Mode: Female Body Image in the Ballets Russes and Haute Couture c. 1927-1929
Katerina Pantelides

Bring Me My Bow(s) of Burning White: Re-Reading the Literary Wedding Dress as Narrative of Refuge, Resistance and Revenge
Sarah Heaton

Part 2: Society, Culture and Communication

Fashioning Age: Dress, Identity and the Changing Body
Linda Shearer

Clothing, Fashion and Control
Anne Boultwood

Nameless Chic and National Identity
Lioba Foit

Fashion as Identity in Steampunk Communities
Jeanette Atkinson

When Ethical Fashion Is a Challenge: Polish Case
Alicja Raciniewska

Fashion System Shanghai: The Advent of a New Gatekeeper
Tim Lindgren

Dress, Comfort and Vulnerability: The Intimate Hijab and Religious Habitus
Anna-Mari Almila

Choreographing Fashion
Manrutt Wongkaew

Designing Tim Walker: Story Teller Book and Exhibition
Tim Hossler

Simulation: Effectual and Applicable Learning in Fashion Curriculums
Deidra W. Arrington

Three Case Studies on Russian Online Fashion Retailers
Evgenia Tarasova

‘The Best Way I Knew – Through Fashion’: On Personal Style Bloggers and Self-Expression
Rosie Findlay

Fashion Communication in Asia: Participant Observation and Qualitative Interview with Media Personnel at MILK X Monthly
Tommy Ho-lun TSE

Part 3: Luxury Brands, Products and Innovation

The Future of Global Luxury Fashion: Growth, Source of Design and Inspiration and Prime Markets for the Sales of Luxury Goods
Rosalie Jackson Regni

The Unique Standard
Clara Olóriz Sanjuán

Innovative Products: Bags by Tommaso Cecchi De’Rossi
Cecilia Winterhalter

What Contemporary Jewellery Might Have to Say about Fashion
Anne Brennan

Sequins, Snakeskin and Stilettos: Shoe Design and the Study of Material Agency
Naomi Braithwaite

Identity Construction and the Multiple Meanings of Homemade Clothes in Contemporary British Culture
Amy Twigger Holroyd

Supporting Local Craftsmanship through Fashion
Sabrina Ramsamy-Iranah and Naraindra Kistamah

Patricia Hunt-Hurst is Professor in fashion and dress history at the University of Georgia, Athens, USA. Her recent research focuses on the midriff as an erogenous zone, the advent of the bikini, and fashion and the movies.

Sabrina Ramsamy-Iranah is lecturer in Fashion and Textile Design at the University of Mauritius. Her research interests cover new fashion theories, and uplifting traditional crafts techniques through luxury and high fashion products.