Fear within Melting Boundaries


Fear within Melting Boundaries


Edited by Lee Baxter and Paula Brăescu

Year: 2011

Format: eBook


This volume is comprised of a group of essays presented at the 4th Global Conference on Fear, Horror & Terror. Employing interdisciplinary approaches, this volume is comprised of works ranging from film, gaming and literary analysis to history, (geo)political, and social sciences utilizing an assortment of theoretical approaches.

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This volume is truly international, inter/multi-disciplinary in its discussions of the affects produced by Fear, Horror and Terror. This volume features essays presented at the 4th Global Conference on Fear, Horror & Terror in September, 2010. Providing an overview of the numerous approaches used by the participants, this volume explores how fear, horror and terror affects our daily lives. The papers in this issue were developed in various countries, such as Australia, Brazil, Canada, England, India, Malaysia, Russia, Romania and the U.S. Various theoretical approaches were applied by the authors and range from feminist theory to trauma studies, and empirical research to socio-political-historical approaches.

Lee Baxter and Paula Brăescu

Part I Literary Fears and Melting Boundaries
Kafka’s Penal Colony: A Vibrating Human Machine for the Production of Fear
Anat Danziger

Pervading Moods of Fear and Terror: Edgar Allan Poe’s Short Stories
Çelik Ekmekçi

Terrible Absences, Horrible Presences: Phantasmagorias of Childhood in the British Modernist and Postmodernist Short Story
Maria Casado Villanueva

Antonin Artaud and Samuel Beckett: The Scream as Fearful Response
Matthew Melia

The Image of the Tiger as the Expression of Fear and Power in the Russian and the Japanese Literature
Aida Suleymenova

The Monstrous Feminine: Confronting the Horror of Female Fecundity in Angela Carter’s The Passion of New Eve
Lizzy Welby

The Salesman, the Book Thief and the Book Sellers’ Son: Horrific Voices in Australian Holocaust Literature
L-J Maher

Part II Film Transgressions: Assorted Discussions about FHT
I Fear What I Hear: The Expression of Horror in Film Music
Marco Bellano

Cryptography as Living Death: The Horrors of Rupture or Totality?
Constance Goh

Batman: The Dark Knight: The Joker’s Pursuit of Justice in an Unjust World
Lee Baxter

The Stigma of Being Harry Potter
Jodie S. Brown

Very Unnatural Ladies: Vampyres as Gothic Parody
Jay Daniel Thompson

Art-Horror and Natural Horror: What’s the Difference?
Michelle Saint

Part III Government Bodies Generating Fear
Medicalization of Nazi Ideology
Beverley Chalmers

The Rule of Fear: Political Thinking in the Age of Terror
Bjørn Yngve Tollefsen

Accounting for the Role of Fear in Performance Management
Shilinka Smith

Social Workers’ Fears and the Risks for Safeguarding Vulnerable Children
Paula Brăescu

An Inhuman Eco-Limit: Fear and Social- Spatial Segregation
Natália De’ Carli and Mariano Pérez Humanes

Militarisation of Urban Space as Context of Fear, Horror and Terror
Fazal Malik

Representations of Disease and Threat: The Case of Swine Flu in Greece and in Cyprus
Vaia Doudaki

Lee Baxter, is a Graduate Candidate at the University of Guelph in Guelph, Canada, where she is researching and writing her dissertation. She approaches her research of American Gothic and Horror narratives through trauma studies.

Paula Brăescu is a PhD student at the University “Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Romania. Her research is on fear and risk in child protection.