Food: Expressions and Impressions

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Food: Expressions and Impressions


Edited by Don Sanderson and Mira Crouch

Year: 2013

Format: eBook

In this volume writers from a broad range of disciplines explore the cultural, social, historic, literary, and economic dimensions of food in a number of diverse temporal and geographical spaces.

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Food is a multidimensional construct which is largely taken for granted in lands of plenty but where for a large proportion of the world’s inhabitants, is part of a daily struggle for survival. The global food economy is larger than the arms and fuel economies combined and larger than many national economies. Multidisciplinary explorations of the dimensions of food shed light on the complexity, enormity, and dialectic dynamism that shape economies, cultures and societies at the macro level and individual needs, rituals, beliefs, and practices at the micro level. Exploring literary, economic, cultural, political, historical dimensions of food, along with notions of food’s place in creating identity and change, this volume represents a small incursion into the much larger landscape that is food.

Mira Crouch and Don Sanderson

Part 1: Literary Approaches to Food

Food as the Sharing of the World in Monique Trương’s The Book of Salt
Shih-hung Chuang and Chia-hsin Liu

The Last Victorian Dinner and Reviving Vesta
Keiko Tanaka

The Roving Gourmand/Detective: Authenticity, Globalisation, Identity and Food in Milenio Carvalho I
Nina B. Namaste

Food and Civilised Society in the Homeric Epics
John Dayton

Part 2: Food and Identity

Ethnic Food: The Other in Ourselves
Paula Arvela

Food Places through the Visual Media: Building Gastronomic Cartographies between Italy and Australia
Andrea Bosio

Tell Me What You Eat, and I Will Tell You Who You Are Not: An Examination of Food, Culture, Ethnicity, and Identity in Italy
Taylor Zaneri

Of Kangaroo, Fish and Corn: The Role of Food in the Unbalanced Exchange in Australian Aboriginal, Explorer and Settler Relations
Zane Ma Rhea

Part 3: Food, Culture and Capitalism

(Re-)Positioning Food in the Social Consciousness: The Business of the Corporate Food Industry
Don Sanderson

The Political Economy of School Breakfast Programmes: Cereal Offenders
Don Sanderson

Selling the Farming ‘Way of Life’ at Melbourne’s Farmers’ Markets
Kim Neylon

Eating for One’s Self
Mira Crouch

Don Sanderson is not only interested in the sociological dimensions of food but food’s relationship with behavior and cognition. His work on this volume represents his initial foray into the field as a recently awarded doctoral recipient from the Faculty of Education at the Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia.

Since retirement from teaching Sociology in 2003, Mira Crouch has been a Visiting Fellow in the Faculty of Arts at the University of New South Wales. Mira’s research focus is on areas of social life where biology meets culture. Her latest book is War Fare: Sustenance in Time of Fear and Want: A Memoir of Belgrade 1941-1945 (Fisher Imprints, 2008).