Games, Leadership and Learning in Virtual Environments


Games, Leadership and Learning in Virtual Environments


Edited by C.A. DeCoursey and Dean A.F. Gui

Format: Paperback

Year: 2016

This volume explores innovative and experiential virtual learning through quantitative, inductive, qualitative and instructional analysis and methodology. It nourishes the reader with digital-morsels of knowledge, helping them become informed consumers and practitioners of contemporary society.

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In a world where work is becoming more distributed and virtual, and learning and gaming communities have become more complex, teachers, instructional designers and educational researchers from across the globe are examining virtual environments as discursive environments. The authors of this volume respond to these paradigm shifts, engineering new meanings in the workplace, higher education, organisations, psychology, hegemonies, and video games; where learners critically self-reflect and experience the world in transformative ways. Overall, this volume explores innovative design frameworks and learning activities, allowing readers to consider experiential learning through quantitative, inductive, qualitative and instructional analysis and methodology.

C.A. DeCoursey and Dean A.F. Gui

Part I Games and Narratives

Virtual Selves, Research Perspectives: Exploring the Role and Implications for Taking the ‘Insider Perspective’ in Virtual Worlds Research, in Order to Develop a ‘Player Taxonomy’
Simon Evans

An Exploratory Study of Jungian Personality Traits of Second Life Residents
Nancy Tavares-Jones

Storytelling, Rules and Society in Modern MMORPGs
Martin Hennig

Virtual Life after ‘Game Over’: Living in Post-Narrative Play
Heidi Mau and Cheryl L. Nicholas

Part II Leading and Learning

It’s Leadership Development, Jim, but Not as We Know It
Jim Gritton

Virtual Worlds in Undergraduate Education: Just another Useful Tool, or a Doorway to a New Style of Learning?
Thomas Edwards

Learning Communities in Virtual Worlds Foster the Transfer of Knowledge
Antonio Santos

Issues in Ethics and Methods in Virtual World Research
Paul Jerry

Proposing a Virtual Self-Access Language Centre Design Framework for Massively Multi-User Online Environments
Dean A.F. Gui and Andrew Northern

Prior Bias and Transformative Learning in the Global Computing Middle Class: Appraising Attitudes towards Games, Apps and MUVEs
C.A. DeCoursey

C. A. DeCoursey did her PhD at the University of Toronto. She was Programme Leader of the MA in Language Arts at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (2008-14), and is Chair of the Department of English Studies and Translation at The American University of Science and Technology in Beirut. Her research interests include healthcare communication, forensic linguistics, multimedia authoring and appraisal analysis.

Dean A. F. Gui is an Instructor for The English Language Centre at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. His BA is in English Literature from Western Illinois University, his MA in Creative Writing from the University of Illinois. In addition to his research on creative writing, literature and language in virtual worlds, and on hybrid identity, he also spends time writing poetry.