Handmaiden of Death: Apocalypse and Revelation


Handmaiden of Death: Apocalypse and Revelation


Edited by Alexandra Simon-López and Mankhrawbor Dunai

Format: eBook (PDF)

Year: 2016

Seeking to preserve our future, this volume attempts to imagine in what form the apocalypse may strike. It critically assesses the roles played by literature as well as digital media as instruments for the propagation of apocalyptic ideas through its envisioning in books, movies and T.V. serials alike. The volume seeks to preserve both our future social and environmental futures through the different predictions of the end.

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The future holds many secrets that it will not reveal to us easily. Pry as we may, the curtain of mystery is too difficult to completely unveil. It is no surprise therefore that there have been many attempts to imagine what these future possibilities may be. More often than not, the future projections inevitably paint a picture of desolation and destruction. The varying social as well as environmental forces that assault our world, always seem to indicate an impending doom around the corner if we don’t buck the trend of passive disregard for the ills of the present world. The apocalypse seems like an inevitable event. This volume therefore does brilliantly in capturing this quest for answers in a world that seems to be hurling towards different imaginings of the end. Whether imagined through the voices of doomsayer prophets, the wonderfully expressive lens of the digital media or the pages of literature, the volume will take the reader through the different discourses regarding the apocalypse and what we can learn from it. To safeguard our future, this volume seeks to offer answers to prevent our world from going up in flames.

Alexandra Simon-López and Mankhrawbor Dunai

Part I Millenarianism and Survival: Visions of Destruction and Surviving the Ebola Outbreak

Predictions of 2012: Transformative and Destructive Hypotheses
Jon Leon Torn

Disease, Death and Destruction: The Apocalyptic Trail of Ebola
Sheila C. Bibb

Part II The Evolution of the Zombie Survival Narrative in French and British Television Series

Towards a New Aesthetics of Zombism: The Returned from a Post-Colonial Perspective
Alexandra Simon-López

Rotters or Redeemed? Religion and American Millennialism in the Flesh
Kristine Larsen

Part III The Apocalypse in Children’s Fantasy and Young Adult Dystopian Fiction

The End as Beginning: Reshaping Worldviews in the Narnia Series
Mankhrawbor Dunai

‘Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?’ The Revolutionary Politics of Young Adult Dystopian Fiction
Laura French Moran

Part IV The Apocalyptic Turn in Transformative Pedagogy and Environmental Poetics

Apocalypse Cinema and/as Transformative Pedagogy, or How Students Learn to Stop Worrying and Critique Apocalypse Culture
Teresa Podlesney

Strategic Apocalypse and the Turn towards ‘Yasunization’ in Nnimmo Bassey’s Poetry
Philip Aghoghovwia

Alexandra Simon-López is Senior Lecturer in German Studies at the University of Eastern Finland. She holds a PhD in Comparative Literature, and her research interests are transcultural literature and film, intercultural communication, European Avant-garde, digital literature, supernatural films and TV-series.

Mankhrawbor Dunai is a PhD scholar in the Department of English, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong. He is also a recipient of the Junior Research Fellowship of the Rajiv Gandhi National Fellowship programme. His current research is on Children’s Literature which also involves religion and philosophy and their manifestations in literature.