Landscapes of Monstrosity


Landscapes of Monstrosity


Edited by László Munteán and Hans Christian Post

Year: 2016

Format: eBook (PDF)

This book studies intersections of monstrosity and geography from a variety of disciplinary and theoretical angles. The first part address corporeal and spatial monstrosities. The second part deals with myth, the occult, the virtual, as well as with monsters applied to educational purposes.

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Monsters have been with us since time immemorial. They have been present in the earliest creation myths and today populate all media of fantasy, horror, action and adventure, as well as science fiction.

Over the past years, scholars have attentively studied the prominent presence of vampires, zombies, and other monsters in films and TV series that breathed new life into long-forgotten stories and monstrous characters. Simultaneously, the past decades have witnessed an increase of public and scholarly interest in space and place, resulting in what is known in academia as the Spatial Turn, leaving its mark on fields ranging from geography through literature and cultural memory studies.

This book bears witness to the diversity of approaches to studying the intersections of monstrosity and geography. The monstrous entails the affective registers of fear, anxiety, trauma, as well as forms of excess and transgression. Likewise, geographies are both physical and metaphorical, corporeal and psychological, rural and urban, real and imagined. The chapters of this book address each of these aspects.

Introduction: Landscapes of Monstrosity
Hans Christian Post and László Munteán

Part I Spatial and Corporeal Monstrosities

Psychogeography and Ground Zero
Alexander John Bridger

Monstrosity by Monstrous Means: Cambodian Memorial Sites
Hans Christian Post

Monsters Take to the Streets! Monstrous Street-Art as Pedagogy of Resistance to Post-Olympic Regeneration in Hackney Wick?
Rhiannon Firth

Gendered Heterotopias: Creating Space for Menstrual Blood in Contemporary Art
Ruth Green-Cole

Part II Mythical Monsters

Mélusine’s Iconography: Her Legend of Territorial Expansion and Transformation
Zoila Clark

The Dark Side of the Sun: The Great Beast, Monstrosity and Solar Narratives
Cavan McLaughlin

A Plague upon Our Virtual Land
Jad Khairallah

Gods and Monsters: Religious Inquiry and the Monstrous Classroom
Joshua Paddison

László Munteán is an Assistant Professor of Cultural Studies and American Studies at Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands. His scholarly work revolves around the juncture of literature, visual culture, heritage studies and cultural memory in American and Eastern European contexts.

Hans Christian Post is a postdoc at the Department of Arts and Cultural Studies at the University of Copenhagen. His scholarly work revolves mainly around the juncture of city planning, urban heritage studies, history politics and cultural memory, foremost in a German context. In addition, he works as a filmmaker.