Making Humans: Religious, Technological and Aesthetic Perspectives


Making Humans: Religious, Technological and Aesthetic Perspectives


Edited by Alexander Darius Ornella

Year: 2015

Format: Paperback/eBook (pdf)

This volume explores body-making as human-making practice because the bodies we have or mould ourselves into are always a socio-cultural and religious expression of the kind of human beings we are or want to be.


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Body-making is always also human-making practice, the making, creating, and forming of the anthropos. The kind of bodies we have, the kind of bodies we create or mould ourselves into, the bodies we accept or reject, welcome or expel, is an expression not only of values, stereotypes, and boundaries, but of the kind of human beings we are or want to be. As the papers in this volume show, these body- and human-making practices can be highly elaborate processes requiring skills and access to resources. They often are linked to technologies and emerge out of interests, needs, convictions, a longing for meaning, and religious ideas and imaginaries. We – as bodies – create technologies and technologies create us – as bodies. We use them as expression of our world view but they also provide a frame through which we encounter the world shaping our experiences and expectations.

Alexander Darius Ornella

Part I Communicating Bodies

(Homosexual) Bodies and the Image of God
Gerard Loughlin

Dimensions of Belief: Experiences, Oscillations, Confrontations
Anne-Sophie Lamine

Surfing the Revolutionary Wave 2010-12: A Technosocial Theory of Agency, Resistance and Orders of Dissent in Contemporary Social Movements
Athina Karatzogianni and Michael Schandorf

The Technological Body and Its Communicative Capabilities
Leopoldina Fortunati

Part II Re-Creating Bodies

Messy Bodies, or Why We Love Machines
Michael Hauskeller

Are Chimeras ‘Natural’? Disgust, Ethics and ‘Nature’
Stella González-Arnal

‘You Love Life, but We Love Death’: Suicide Bombings and Drone Attacks
Paul Gilbert

Part III Imagining and Screening Bodies

Rotoscoping Uncanny Bodies: Animation Technology, Animation Aesthetics
Amy M. Davis

Proofing the Supernatural: New Technologies and the Construction of Transcendental Bodies in the 19th Century
Anna-Katharina Höpflinger

Ascetic Athletes: The Hero-Body in Contemporary Hollywood Cinema
Theresia Heimerl

Bodies and Anti-Bodies: Anthropotechnical Codings of Good and Evil in Star Wars
Christian Feichtinger

Of Imprints and Metaphors: The Construction of Stubborn Bodies in the Science Fiction Film Chrysalis
Alexander Darius Ornella

Summary and Outlook 
Anthropotechnologies: A Comment
Christian Wessely

Dr. Alexander Darius Ornella is Lecturer in Religion at the School of Social Sciences at the University of Hull. His research interests include body and religion, body and technology, religion and popular culture, religion and media/film.