New Media and the Politics of Online Communities


New Media and the Politics of Online Communities


Edited by Aris Mousoutzanis and Daniel Riha

Year: 2010

Format: eBook


The papers in this volume reflect the debates that progressed during the 5th Global conference on Cybercultures, with Digital Memories:Exploring Critical Issues, held as a part of Cyber Hub activity in Salzburg, Austria in March 2010. The edited draft papers make up a snapshot for the actual publishing.

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Whereas the papers presented in the event were extremely diverse insubject matter, theoretical orientation, and methodological approach, a number of key common themes and issues were raised and discussed by different speakers and members of the audience. This year, perhaps the most important topic to be discussed was the question of identity and its interaction with digital technologies, online platforms and, primarily, the new media. A large amount of cultural criticism has already been written on contemporary theoretical understandings of identity as a multi-faceted cultural construct constantly in a state of fluidity and change, subject to its interaction with ‘other’ individuals, communities, discourses and the wider ‘culture’ – which, in theoretical disciplines like those relied upon in this collaborative work, is often understood variously as ‘technoculture,’ ‘media culture,’ ‘cyberculture.’ Many of the papers included in this collection follow this approach as they examine the effects of these cultures upon different aspects, constructions and representations of identity.

Aris Mousoutzanis

PART I  Concepts of Cyberspace and Cyberculture

Electronic Kairos
Gary Thompson

Authenticity Online: Using Webnography to Address Phenomenological Concerns
Leighton Evans

PART II  Cyberculture, National Identity and Diaspora

Stresses upon an Emergent Imagined Community Results and Insights from the Emirates Internet Project
Harris Breslow & Ilhem Allagui

The Role of Online Communities in Social Networking among Polish Migrants in the United Kingdom
Renata Seredynska-Abou Eid

Emerging Communication Practices and Immigrant Adolescents in their Developmental Process
Federica de Cordova, Eleonora Riva & Nicoletta Vittadini

PART III Fan Cultures Online

The Darker Side of Slash Fanfiction on the Internet
Brita Hansen

Virtual Friends: Experiences of an Online Fan Community
Helen Barber & Jane Callaghan

Music Blogs, Music Scenes, Sub-cultural Capital: Eerging Practices in Music Blogs
Beatrice Jetto

PART IV Cultures of Online Learning

E-Learning 2.0 as Reciprocal Learning
Paolo Lattanzio & Raffaele Mascella

New Media Literacies of Future Mother Tongue Teachers
Hana Marešová & Jaroslav Sláma

PART V Changing Identities in Cyberspace

Cloakroom Communities and Cyberspace: Towards a Concept of ‘Pseudo-Environmental’ Niche
Jernej Prodnik

Identity Representations through Machinima Creation
Theodoros Thomas & Marina Vihou

Artistic Identity within Cyberspace: Issues go Global, Interdisciplinary Projects do Evolve – A Personal View
Bello Benischauer & Elisabeth M Eitelberger

PART VI  The Future Platforms

Machinimation Tools and their Impact on Creativity
Daniel Riha

Media Convergence and the Future of Online Platforms
Fredrik Gundelsweiler, Christian Filk & Bruno Studer

Gaming Potential of Augmented Reality
Gaspar Pujol Nicolau

PART VII  Controversial Issues in Cyberlife

Election 2.0: How to Use Cyber Platforms to Win the US Presidential Elections – An Investigation into the Changing Communication Strategies of Election Candidates
Sabine Baumann

Click Here to Protest: Electronic Civil Disobedience and the Future of Social Mobilisation
Fidele Vlavo

Cybertrauma and Technocultural Shock in Contemporary Media Culture
Aris Mousoutzanis

PART VIII  Externalisation and Mediation of Memories

Integration of Digital Memories within Hand-Made Objects
Cerys Alonso & Elizabeth Edwards

Once upon a Paradigm Shift: Interactive Storytelling in a New Media Context
Patrick McEntaggart

PART IX  New Media and Representations of the Past

Mu-Blogging: Yugoslav Pop-Musical Archives
Martin Pogačar

New Media Use in the Production of National Identity and the Preservation of National History: The Digital Emirates Project
Harris Breslow & Herman Coutinho

PART X   Theories and Concepts in Digitising Individual and Community Memory

Diverging Strategies of Remembrance in Traditional and Web-2.0 On-Line Projects
Heiko Zimmermann

Algorithmic Memory?  Machinic Vision and Database Culture
Katrina Sluis

Fluid Memory on the Web 2.0
Raffaele Mascella & Paolo Lattanzio

Daniel Riha, Ph.D., Assistant Professor at Faculty of Humanities, Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic. His research includes issues on Serious Games and Multi-user Virtual Environments Design.

Aris Mousoutzanis is a Visiting Lecturer in the department of Media & Cultural Studies of Kingston University, UK. He has research and published on areas such as critical and cultural theory, especially psychoanalysis and trauma theory, cyberculture/technoculture, postcolonialism and globalisation, and popular genres such as science fiction and the Gothic.