Perspectives on Space and Place


Perspectives on Space and Place


Edited by Gloria Everson

Year: 2013

Format: eBook


The study of space and place is a compelling area for scholars, which requires looking beyond traditional boundaries. Art, literature, and dance are examined along side architecture, virtual environments, and ethnic identity.

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Spaces and places influence our lives in complex and elusive ways of which we may not even be aware. These spaces and places may be as concrete as an urban neighborhood or a prestigious art gallery; however, they may also be as potentially intangible as a virtual environment or the remembered impact of choreography. In response to this diversity of perspectives, this interdisciplinary volume collects work from a wide variety of authors. The multiple viewpoints presented in these chapters provide the reader with both familiar and innovative approaches to the study of space and place. Art, literature, dance, film, and philosophy are examined along side architecture, archaeology, and ethnic identity. The goal of this volume is to persuade the reader to consider their own ideas in new and different ways, discovering connections that productively expand the study of space and place.

Introduction: Space and Place – It All Depends on Your Perspective
Gloria Everson

Part I Depicting Space and Place

From Bar to Far Preveza: Political Geography and Geographical Poetry in the Albanian and Kosovar Independence Movements
Adam J. Goldwyn

The Sensation of Place: Translating the Experiential Sensation of a Space into a Work of Art
Ann Holt

Exploring Space, Creating Place: Depictions of Dublin in the Art of Harry Kenoff RHA (1900-1974)
Kathryn Milligan

‘See it All Small’: Collective Space and Place in Public Spatial Models
Yael Padan

Theoretical Perspective on Space and Place: Construction of Meaning in Mesoamerica
Gloria E. Everson

The Role of Place as a Potential Determinant for the Experience of Presence in Virtual Environments
Thierry Plante

Part II Producing and Re-producing Space and Place

I Don’t Know What I am Looking for but I’ll Know it When I See it
Andrew Sneddon

The Production of Place in East Asian Spaces
Simone Shu-Yeng Chung

Arab-Jewish Theatrical Co-Performances as Third Space
Naphtaly Shem-Tov

Shifting Geo/Graphies: Between Production and Reception of Imagined Spaces
Antje Ziethen

Monastery – A Synthesis of the Triad: Space, Territory, Place
Violeta Puşcaşu

Long Nights in Coffeehouses: The Effects of Place on Ottoman Storytellers
Defne Cizakca

Finding Never-Land: Nomadic Space-Time, Rhetoric, and Ethnic Minorities
Frida Buhre

Part III Transforming Space and Place

Making Space Visible: Walking on Walls
Larraine Nicholas

Imagining the Space and Place of the Imaginary
Amir Ameri

A Meditation on De Certeau and Virilio: Vision, Flow and Movement in the Arab Urban Environment
Harris Breslow

Quake, Place and the End of the English: The New Zealand Christchurch Cathedral as Symbolic of Christchurch Place Identity
Duncan Harding

Crossing the Threshold: The Domestic House/Home as a Site for Contemporary Irish Art Installations
Jane Humphries

Painting Façades: A Strategy to Become ‘a place on the map’
Verónica Conte

Political Power and Ideas on Space and Place Embodied in Albanian Socialist Painting
Fjoralba Satka Mata

Mandalising the American Landscape: The Construction of Buddhist Spaces Through Tibetan-English Poetry
Enrique Galván-Álvarez

Part IV Interpreting Space and Place

Figure and Field: Space, Place and the Situation of Visual Artists
Duncan McKay

Space for Coeval Multiplicity: A Response to Doreen Massey’s Critique of Derridean Deconstruction
Astrid Nordin

Space, Place, and Reconstruction in British Post War Science Fiction
Matthew Melia

The Convent as Inquisition – Anti-Catholic Space in English Gothic Fiction
Kenneth Poulsen

Gloria Everson is an Associate Professor of Anthropology at Lyon College in the state of Arkansas in the United States. Her research interests include Mesoamerican archaeology, including cosmology and spatial analysis.