Queer Sexualities: Diversifying Queer, Queering Diversity

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Queer Sexualities: Diversifying Queer, Queering Diversity


Edited by Vikki Fraser

Year: 2013

Format: eBook


‘Queer Sexualities: Diversifying Queer, Queering Diversity’ offers an interdisciplinary examination of queer sexuality. It highlights the potential for diversification offered by articulations and studies of queer sexuality in art, media, literature, politics and activism.

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Queer Sexualities: Diversifying Queer, Queering Diversity offers an interdisciplinary approach to studies of queer sexualities. Using queer to disrupt and subvert, the chapters in this volume address a diverse range of themes and approaches to the study and articulation of queer sexuality. Through the approaches offered by ethics, activism and politics, theology, ethnography, film, literature and media studies, as well as geography and architecture, the chapters all work to emphasise that queer crosses borders, troubling and breaking down these borders as they go. At the heart of each of the chapters are diverse ways of looking at sexualities. The chapters disrupt the heteronormative ownership of sex and the body. In so doing, this volume offers a perspective of queer sexuality that subverts borders, at the same time highlighting the multiple ways of doing queer across times, spaces and disciplines.

Vikki Fraser

Part 1: Politicising the Queer Landscape

Distorted and Displaced Heteronormativity: Hypermasculinity, Violence and Sexuality in Chris Abani’s GraceLand
Gregory Luke Chwala

Malaysian Masculine Exposé: Queering the Politics of Non-Heteronormative Malay-Muslim Men
Joseph N. Goh

Queering the South African Academy: Possibilities for Activism
Mary Hames

Media Discourse on Transgender People as Subjects of Gentrification in Istanbul
Yener Bayramoğlu

Part 2: Queering Media and Space

Nostalgia and the Queer Girl in Butterfly
Whitney Monaghan

Behind the Scenes of Queer: The Post-Modern Taboo
Heidi Kosonen

An Island in the Sea: Identifying the Narcissistic Desire and Male Sexuality in Brokeback Mountain
Tommy Tse

Queer Spaces, Sexual Violence and the Desire for Safety
Tanya Serisier

Spatiality of Heteronormativity in Czechia: Queer Places and Spaces
Michal Pitoňák

Rampa: Sex, Surveillance and Spectacle at the Quezon Memorial Circle, Philippines
Edson G. Cabalfin

Part 3: Queer Sexualities, Genders and Institutions

‘If Love Commands It’: Love and Law in Luther’s Queering of Chastity
Jill Cox

The ‘Other’ Gay Marriage: The Queer In/Conveniences in Arranged Marriage
Jo Grzelinska

Masculinity behind the Masquerade: The Problem of Reading Queer Femininity
Hannah McCann

Raising the Profile of Parents: Marginal Subject Positions on Parenting Websites
Vikki Fraser and Gwynnyth Llewellyn

Vikki Fraser’s research interests include queer sexualities, marginal subject positions and the use of space, particularly online space. She is currently affiliated to the University of New South Wales – Canberra, through a Visiting Fellowship.