Re-Imaging Death and Dying: Global Interdisciplinary Perspectives


Re-Imaging Death and Dying: Global Interdisciplinary Perspectives


Edited by Dennis R. Cooley and Lloyd Steffen

Year: 2009

Format: eBook


The combination of papers provides greater insight into the subjects of death and dying – and the eBook’s title and theme of re-imaging. This volume is a collection of papers presented by scholars from multiple disciplines.

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This eBook is the result of the 6th Global Conference on Making Sense of: Death and Dying held in Salzburg, Austria in October and November, 2008.  Each chapter within, is a representation of a presentation made at the conference. This volume takes a closer look at dying and death, giving analysis to the ways in which different cultures view and treat this inescapable phenomenon. Re-Imaging Death and Dying is a fascinating collection from scholars from around the world and from various and multiple disciplinary playing fields.

Dennis R. Cooley and Lloyd Steffen

PART I    Philosophical Re-Imaging
Pragmatic Immortality and the Insignificance of My Own Death
Peter Caws

Concepts of Value, Attitudes toward Death
Stephen Rosenbaum

There Is Good Hope That Death Is a Blessing
J. F. Humphrey

Dignity of the Dead?
Julia Apollonia Glahn

The Haunt/ Demons and The Complex of Noon
Tolulope Onabolu

The Concept of Death in Children’s And Juvenile Literature – Reading and  Interpreting Death in The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
Maria Kissova

‘I want to live before I die:’ Exploring Teenagers’ Attitude Towards Death in Jenny Downham’s Before I Die
Maria Vaccarella

The Confrontation with Death from Rilke to Heidegger
Jacob N. Graham

Burial Law as View-Point towards Death
Wim Cappers

To Death – To Life: Grounding Sigurd Lewerentz and Erik Gunnar Asplund’s Tallum Cemetery
Courtney D. Coyne-Jensen

Heroic Death and Selective Memory: The U.S.’s WWII Memorial & The U.S.S.R.’s  Monument  to The Heroic Defenders of Leningrad
Susan M. Behuniak

Rethinking and Recognizing Genocide: The British and the Case of the Great Irish Potato Famine
Neysa King

Death in Self-harmers’ Eyes
Namino Kunitoh

PART II Communication Re-Imaging
Analysis of Terminally Ill Patients’ Weblogs Using the Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC) Program
Nothando Ngwenya, Stella Mills, and Paul Kingston

Archiving Grief: (Re-) Writing Histories in the Aftermath of Loss
Nate Hinerman

Communicating with the Dead through the Newspaper: A Quantitative and Qualitative Analysis
Patricia L. Bromley and Mitte J.A. Nimocks

Agencies of the Afterlife: Weblogs and Television Shows on Death in the Netherlands
Marga Altena

PART III Ethical Re-Imaging
Physician-Assisted Suicide and the Supreme Court: A Decade in the Life of a Constitutional Issue That’s “Not Dead Yet”
Arthur G. Svenson and Susan M. Behuniak

The Ethics of Patient Non-Treatment
Lloyd Steffen

What’s Wrong with the Brain Death Debate?
Joseph Wang

Death & Justice: An Ethical Response to Massacre
Vanessa Fredericks

Kantian Obligatory Suicide: Further Developments
Dennis R. Cooley

PART IV Experiencing Re-Imaging
“I’d Rather Be Home All My Life”:   Older People and Place Care at the End of Life
Eileen Sutton and Joanna Coast

Waiting for Death: An Exploration of  Suicide and Old Age in Ireland
Christine De Largy

To Worship God or Celebrate a Life: Conflicting Scottish Perspectives on Funerals?
Glenys Caswell

Quasi-Widowhood: Crossing Boundaries of Marriage, Divorce, and Death
Jacque Lynn Foltyn

The Survivor’s Guilt: The Case of Cancer
Shulamith Kreitler, Frida Barak, and Nava Siegelman-Danieli

Bereaved Employees, Professional Activity and Pain of Loss
Marc-Antoine Berthod

Dennis R. Cooley is Associate Professor of Philosophy and Ethics at North Dakota State University and Associate Director of the Northern Plains Ethics Institute.

Lloyd Steffen is Professor of Religion Studies and University Chaplain at Lehigh University. He is the author of several books, including Holy War, Just War: Exploring the Moral Meaning of Religious Violence, published in 2007 by Rowman and Littlefield.