(Re)Imagining Gender and Love


(Re)Imagining Gender and Love


This volume is for anyone who would like to explore the interaction and interconnection between the concepts of love and gender. You will discover how individuals are continuously (re)interpreting and (re)imagining love and gender in light of current discourses and cultural trends.

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Love and gender exist as constructs erected in a web of institutions – the family, religion, the law, media, education. Individuals are continuously (re)interpreting and (re)imagining love and gender in light of current discourses and cultural trends. New modes of behaviour arise – the scaffolding that upheld past views of love and gender is deconstructed and refashioned to let newly assembled conceptions flourish. Focusing on the creativity of people as they interpret, contest and negotiate gender and love, this volume seeks to explore both normative and non-normative intimacies. It seeks to understand how love and gender are interpreted at the margins where culture and individuals collide. This book stands as both an examination and celebration of the richness and diversity of perspectives on love and gender.

(Re)Imagining Gender and Love: An Introduction
Morgan Ereku and Dikmen Yakalı Çamoğlu

Part I (Re)Imagining Gender and Love in Culture and Society
What’s Sex Got to do With It? Asexuals in Love
Anna Kurowicka

Am I Man/Woman Enough: Using Trans-Youth ‘Self-Portrait Drawing’ to Analyse Their Body Image
Wallace Wong and F. Natascha Lawrence

Love at the Intersection of Gender and Disability: Social and Legal Barriers to Accessing Love
Raadhika Gupta

Part II (Re)Imagining Gender and Love in Relationships
Dating Skills, Deliberate Practice and the Quest for Rewarding Romantic Relationships
Morgan Ereku

College Men and Love
Katja Jönsas

Part III (Re)Imagining Gender and Love in Literature
Queering/Querying Chineseness: Lesbian Subjectivity in Fan Wu’s February Flowers
Kelly Y. N. Tse

Losing the Plot: Twentieth-Century Literature’s Deconstruction of Gender and Love
Megan Rogers

Part IV (Re)Imagining Gender and Love in Cinema
Self-Destructive Love: Homosexual Desires of a Mad Woman in Hitchcock’s Rebecca (1940)
Gesine Wegner

Strategies of Uncovering: Making Trans* Desires Palatable for the Mainstream Gaze
Mirjam M. Frotscher

Morgan Ereku is a psychology PhD candidate at Brunel University, London, United Kingdom. His research focuses on exploring methods for improving dating and social skills by drawing on research on the psychology of expert performance and deliberate practice.

Dikmen Yakalı Çamoğlu received her PhD in cultural studies from the University of Birmingham, UK. She is currently an associate professor at Doğuş University, Istanbul. She teaches courses on communication theories, cultural theory, gender and the media. Her current research and writing interests are gender and love; the construction of narrative identities in and through popular culture.