Revolt and Revolution: Reaching for the Possible

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Revolt and Revolution: Reaching for the Possible


Edited by Amal Treacher Kabesh and James Arvanitakis

Year: 2014

Format: eBook


This volume explores the complexities involved in understanding and elucidating revolutionary activity and provides nuanced analysis of political activity. This collection provides case studies of socio-political activity from across a variety of countries.

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Revolt and Revolution: Reaching for the Possible includes a historical analysis of the Occupy Movement, contextualising in 150 years of political activity and the power of refusing ‘reasonable’ demands. This perspective also highlights that not everything is new, and we should be preoccupied with the repetition of history – particularly in two different geo-political regions – Indonesia and Egypt. From the United States and the Greek anarchists responding to fascist-based racist violence, to the Palestinian Occupied Territories and the Arab Spring, the essays discuss the on-going socio-political struggles. Other essays focus on the response to gender based violence in different geo-political regions.

Revolt and Revolution: Reaching for the Possible
Amal Treacher Kabesh and James Arvanitakis

‘We are the 99 per cent!’ 150 Years of Battling Wall Street
Rob Allen

Demanding the Impossible: The Truth of the Occupy Movement
Milo Sweedler

Reshaping the Everyday in Cairo
Sandra A Fernandez

‘The Revolution Will Not Be Televised’ (But There Will Be a Soundtrack): Exploring 20th and 21st Century Revolt through Popular Music
Erin R. McCoy

Revolutionizing Terrorism: Al Qaeda’s Transformation from a Centralised Group to a Franchise and from a Militant Ideology to ‘Armies of One’
Kleanthis Kyriakidis and Petros Siousiouras

New Movements and the Question of the Lack of Organization: A Study of the ‘Indignant Movement’ in Spain
Mehrdad Emami and Mahrouz Rezaei

The Palestinian Non-Governmental Organisations in the Arab Spring (2010-2013)
Ibrahim Natil

Unity in Street-Militancy: Athenian Anarchists and Anti-Authoritarians
Nicholas Apoifis

Varieties of Sacrifice in States of Exception
Athanasios Christacopoulos

The Politics of Contention in Post-Reformasi Indonesia
Michael Hatherell

The Egyptian Revolutions of 1952 and 2011: Identification and Repetition
Amal Treacher Kabesh

Amal Treacher Kabesh is an Associate Professor in the School of Sociology and Social Policy (University of Nottingham in the UK).

Professor James Arvanitakis is Head of the Academy at the University of Western Sydney (Australia).