Ruptured Voices: Trauma and Recovery


Ruptured Voices: Trauma and Recovery


Edited by Karen O’Donnell

Format: eBook (PDF)

Year: 2016

This collection on trauma and recovery offers an interdisciplinary perspective on Trauma Studies. Fresh and challenging, this book interrupts and ruptures the contemporary debate on trauma.


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Trauma is no longer, and perhaps has never been, an uncommon occurrence – it is now commonplace in human experience. Notoriously difficult to define, when one tries to offer a definition of trauma that works across disciplines and beyond the boundaries of subjects, one enters a new territory. This collection participates in a reconstructive movement in which the boundaries of trauma, trauma theory, and trauma recovery are flung wide. The vastly differing experiences, contexts, and critical reflections of the contributors serve to ensure this monograph offers a fresh voice in the field of Trauma Studies. This collection of essays on trauma seeks to open dialogue and expand discussion. Blurring the boundaries of traditional disciplinary lines, this monograph strives to interrupt and rupture the debate on trauma. It is in the fissures created by such rupture that new and compelling voices can be heard.

Introduction: Interrupting Trauma
Karen O’Donnell

Part I Performing the Collective Traumatic Memory

Staging Remembrance and Trauma at the 9/11 Memorial
Martina Karels

The Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo: Trauma after the Disappearance of Their Children and the Trafficking of Their Grandchildren
Zoila Clark

Cultural Trauma and Collective Memory in a Contemporary Lithuanian Novel: Action, Interaction, Reaction
Nerijus Brazauskas

Part II Hearing Voices: Traumatic Literature

Traumatic Incontinence of Old Age in Contemporary Fiction
Tianzhong Deng

(Un)heard Voices: Trauma and Reconfigurations of the Body
Elwin Susan John

The Language of Traumatic Grief in Samuel Beckett’s A Piece of Monologue
Svetlana Antropova

Part III Trauma and the Female Body

Answering the Call of the Crying Wound: American Trauma Narratives of Victims of Femicide
Anne Bettina Pedersen

Rupture, Repetition and Recovery: The Eucharist and Trauma
Karen O’Donnell

Eating Disorders: Traumatic Context and Interventions
Diedra L. Clay

Part IV Living in Trauma

Behind the Headlines: New Technology’s Role in Stress Relief
Lyn Barnes

Building Skills, Not Stories: Chronic Trauma and Resilience-Building
Janelle Stanley and Sarah Strole

Editor Karen O’Donnell is a theologian based at the University of Exeter. Her research is based in Trauma Theology. She has published research on PTSD and Christianity and on the role of military chaplains in trauma.