Sins, Vices and Virtues: Dialectical Tensions in Moral Concepts


Sins, Vices and Virtues: Dialectical Tensions in Moral Concepts


Edited by Andrzej Dańczak and Joshua Farris

Year: 2013

Format: eBook


This volume leads the reader forward in the studies of sins, vices and virtues. In our contemporary world, these moral arguments are presented by scholars from around the world.

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Historically moral notions run deep across human history concerning the evaluation of human acts and attitudes. In the contemporary framework they do not disappear, both showing vitality in the earlier areas and acquiring new references. The issue has been approached by representatives of numerous disciplines: philosophy, theology, literature, psychology and others. Part of this volume concentrates on sins, vices and virtues from a historical or a contemporary perspective while others attempt to grasp the understanding of the concepts in theory, practice, literature and the arts.

Joshua Farris and Andrzej Dańczak

Part 1 General Perspective on Sins, Vices and Virtues: Today and Yesterday

The Notion of Aeschron in Ancient Greek Thought
Apostolos N. Stavelas

Aristotle on the Virtue of Phronesis: Practical Wisdom
Mary Stefanazzi

Sin and Virtue in the Ethics of Peter Martyr Vermigli
Simon J. G. Burton

Part 2 Understanding Sin and Evil

The Christian God and the Problem of Evil
Fáinche Ryan

Creationist-Souls, Original Sin and Christian Theism
Joshua Farris

The Ecological Sin: An Offence against Transcendence
Andrzej Dańczak

The Deadly Sin of Lust and the Impossible Penitential Book of the 19th Century
Moreno Bonda

Felix Culpa: The Crucifixion as the Greatest Sin and the Greatest Good in Georges Bataille
Eva Bujalka

Part 3 Understanding Virtue and Good

Self-Deception, Globalization and Magnanimity
José M. Garrido Bermúdez

What’s So Small about Tolerance?
Regan Lance Reitsma

Towards an Architecture for the Teaching of Virtues, Values and Ethics
Berise Heasly

Part 4 Sin and Virtue in Literature and Film

Performing Virtue: The Troublesome Virginity of the Virgin Mary in Medieval Cycle Plays in England
Katarzyna Bronk

Sin and Sin: On the Relativity of the Fifteenth-Century Concept of Sin in William Caxton’s Translation of the Life of Saint Pelagia of Antioch (1495) and Sir Gowther (ca. 1470)
Joanna Ludwikowska-Leniec

The Hidden Half: Studying the Shadow in Edgar Allan Poe
Rouhollah Zarei

‘Omologeo and martireo, I acknowledge and I bear witness:’ The Transfigurative Powers of Suffering in Djuna Barnes
Ery Shin

Natural Born Sinner: The Making of the Antichrist in the Omen Trilogy of Films
Simon Bacon

Andrzej Dańczak, ThD, is docent of systematic theology at the Theological College in Gdańsk, Poland. His current area of interest is theology of nature.

Joshua R. Farris is research student at the University of Bristol in philosophical theology. He is specifically focusing on Theological Anthropology particularly on the nature of personhood, image of God, the origin of the soul, and survival.