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Spin Cycle


Welcome to Spin Cycle. That world where nothing is ever as it seems especially when it comes to hope and happiness. When thinking about hope and happiness, who do you believe and why? The way you answer that question will determine how you spin your views and approach life accordingly.

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Everyday individuals, businesses, government institutions and researchers seek to uncover the true meaning of happiness in order to advance themselves or their causes. The search is ongoing since happiness is both subjective and objective. The same applies to hope. What are the thought processes or foundations that foster hope and thus, move people forward even when the obvious indicators and circumstances suggest otherwise? The numerous activities involved in defining, building and maintaining hope and happiness are never straightforward. Instead imagine that there is a way to spin the two to create such a belief that those who seek hope and happiness perceive success in its acquisition. Even though it is a cycle of highs, lows, ups and downs. This collection will stir readers and evoke thoughts and emotions of hope and happiness based in spirituality, reality and personal perception. Perhaps an assessment of personal hope and happiness will derive from this very special collection of works presented here.

Ruthy M. Watson

The Analysis of the Causes of Employees’ Happiness
Andrea-Mariana Marian and Valeriu Budeanu

Embodied In/Capacity Theory and the Dynamics of Hope in Campaigns of Fear and Desire
Valérie de Courville Nicol

Paradise Lost or the Elegy of the Habsburg Monarchy
Iona Duță

Meeting Dickens in the Arabian Gulf
Robin L. Fetherston

Hope as a Critical Ontological Response: Healing and Resistance
Regan Holt

The Portrayal of Happiness in Classical Instrumental Music
Lise Karin Meling

Happy Never After: Communicating (Un) Happiness in Contemporary Literature
Ester Op de Beek

Construction of Happiness in Literary Accounts of German Unification
Gillian Pye

Hope, Religion and Stress
Ruthy Watson

Clarifying Self: Approaches to Happiness in Eastern Mysticism
Tony Rodger

Interpretive Repertoires about Happiness and Life at Work
Cosima Rughinis and Andrea-Mariana Marian

Evaluation of Original Hope Scales: A Critical Review
Dorit Redlich-Amirav, Denise Larsen and Susan Armijo-Olivo

Ruthy M. Watson teaches Health Education, Health Promotion and Wellness at New Mexico Highlands University. Her research interests are global and community health, spirituality and health, stress management, health promotion and wellness. She has a PhD in Public Health specializing in Community Health Promotion and education.