Stardom: Discussions on Fame and Celebrity Culture


Stardom: Discussions on Fame and Celebrity Culture


Edited by Katarzyna Bronk

Year: 2012

Format: eBook


Stardom: Discussions on Fame and Celebrity Culture is a snapshot of 1st Global Conference on Celebrity. The selected papers are devoted to diverse topics, ranging from sex/gender and fame to celebrities as embodiments of Zeitgeist; from identity formation, star-making and ‘star-consuming’ to the humanising of ‘icons,’ etc. Papers discuss the positive sides of fame as well as the consequences of living in the limelight.

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Celebrity culture has received serious scholarly attention in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. As the concepts of fame, stardom, and popularity are no longer of interest to tabloids only, the phenomenon of celebrity has been studied, among others, by historians, literary critics, anthropologists, sociologists, psychologists, philosophers and economists. Scholars included in this volume discuss the various shades of fame and celebrity-hood from historical, sociological and theoretical perspectives. Stardom: Discussions on Fame and Celebrity Culture critically comment on the ways of producing and consuming fame, the cult of personality (deserved or underserved) and the question of gender in celebrity culture. Ultimately the post-conference volume attempts to answer the fundamental question of what constitutes and entails being a ‘celebrity.’

Katarzyna Bronk

Part 1: Narrating Celebrities

Clara Wieck-Schumann in Vienna: The Making of a Star, Retold in Biofiction
Julia Novak

Anaїs Nin, Feminism and Celebrity Authorship: Negotiating Image and Identity in the Interviews
Anita Jarczok

Part 2: Fame and Women: Bodies in the ‘Limelight’

No Press is Bad Press – Being an Actress in English Restoration
Katarzyna Bronk

Media Content of Celebrity Women’s Motherhood for Them to Be Re-Idolised in the Patriarchal Society
Nisbet Gamze Toksoy and Meltem Erinçmen Kanoğlu

Part 3: Branding the Stars

Comparing Henry VIII and James II through Art Analysis: Questions of Power, Legitimacy, and Celebrity
Amber Anna Colvin

Representing Celebrity in Photographs Since 1875: Brands, Idols, and Icons
Betsy Thomas

Celebrity Stars and the Fashion Massage of 2011
Gabrielle Simpson

Part 4: Becoming Famous and the Cult of Personality

Current Celebrity Status in Serbia – The Current Situation and Development Perspectives
Ivana Ljubenović

Reality TV Shows and the Making of the New Celebrity: Critical Reflections in Contemporary Fiction
Claudia Weber

Changing the Face of News: The Reporter as a Celebrity
Sarah Jones

Katarzyna Bronk completed her PhD at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland, in 2011. She is interested in the history of sexuality and morality as well as theatre. Her current research is devoted to medieval and Restoration culture, in particular medieval and late seventeenth-century English theatre and drama, and the positioning and cultural constructions of women and femininity.