Tasting Cultures: Thoughts for Food

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Tasting Cultures: Thoughts for Food


Edited by Maria José Pires 

Year: 2015

Format: eBook


From production to preparation and consumption, inclusive and coherent food systems are studied in detail, as the multifaceted knowledge of such food phenomena is based on interdisciplinary looks.

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A myriad of fresh possibilities is offered when researching in food studies. Just like any other area of knowledge, researchers here breathe the present because they have already absorbed the past and can easily try to devise the future. As the question of authenticity and adaptability rises urgently, we gain knowledge of the specificities where cultural heritage faces assimilation from other lifestyles, in an effort to save and reshape the community and its cultural identity. Food researchers have also struggled with the constructions and measuring of tastes within diverse communities by comparison to other references, even though it has become harder to discern matters from expert advice and controlled mediation. Therefore, we invariably come across the power of representations, in deep association with culture and the society that produces them, for there are increasingly complex food systems bearing diverse layers of meaning.

Tastes and Cultures: Thoughts for Food
Maria José Pires

Part I Shaping Cultures: Food, Identity and Community

Italian Food in USA: It’s Fashion and into the Spotlight
Giovanna Costantini

Irreverence and Recreation of ‘Bacalhau’, the Portuguese Faithful Friend
Maria José Pires

Colonial Food in Poetry: Hong Kong and Macau in Leung Ping-kwan’s Food Poetry
Ames Siu, Yan-ho

Food Cultures and the Diaspora: Kerala Nurses in Brisbane
Preetha Thomas, Lisa Schubert, Andrea Whittaker and Brigitte Sébastia

Part II Constructing Tastes: Food, Representations and Control

A Making Sense of New Food Technologies and Trust in Food (1960-1995)
Filip Degreef

Designed Pleasure: How Advertising Is Selling Food as Drugs
Oliver Vodeb

Living under Control: Social Representation of Dieting for Brazilian and Spanish Women
Maria Clara de Moraes Prata Gaspar and Lis Furlani Blanco

Being Faceless in the Fear of Food
Anne-Marie Gloster and Amber Leigh Thompson

The Common Oat as Food and Medicament in Greek Medical Treatises of Antiquity and Byzantium, II-VII c. AD.
Maciej Kokoszko

Ham in Ancient and Byzantine Dietetics, Medicine and Gastronomy
Zofia Rzeźnicka

Maria José Pires currently teaches at Estoril Higher Institute for Hotel and Tourism Studies, coordinating the MA in Innovation in Culinary Arts. She is also a researcher at ULICES and collaborates with the MA in Tourism and Communication (University of Lisbon). Her main interests are Literature, Culture and Food Studies.