The Bounds of Responsibility

The Bounds of Responsibilty Final Artwork

The Bounds of Responsibility


Edited by Tadeusz Lewandowski and Elisabeta Gabriela Ilie

Year: 2014

Format: eBook


This volume presents innovative models for responsible living while examining the problem of how far obligations to others should be realised, limited, and extended.

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This volume examines our fundamental obligations as humans. The chapters offer innovative models and philosophies for responsible living, covering the areas of consumption, bioethics, community inclusion, disability, the EU debt crisis, and the body. Each, nevertheless, grapples with the central question of what we owe others, whether on the personal, societal, industrial, governmental or international level, and the problem of how far these responsibilities are realized and extended. This book’s title, The Bounds of Responsibility, is therefore meant to suggest both how responsibilities should in some cases be limited, and can often be limiting. For while we cannot take full responsibility for all those we encounter, we can neither break away from the obligations that define humans. In analysing responsibility’s limits, the authors formulate conclusions of differing degrees, but agree on the imperative to integrate some substantial philosophy of responsible living into social and economic structures for the common good.

Tadeusz Lewandowski and Elisabeta Gabriela Ilie

Suicide and Responsibility
Gavin Fairbairn

Shaping Imaginary Geographies into Inclusive Cities: Approaching Design for the Homeless
Elisabeta Gabriela Ilie

‘I Dream to Live on My Own Away from Family’: From Dependence to Freedom, a Shared Dream by Teens and Young Adults with Cognitive Disabilities
Laurence Emmanuelle Hadjas

Acting Respectfully towards Adults with Learning Disabilities
Gavin Fairbairn and Susan Fairbairn

Unethical Brotherly Love: Zell Kravinsky and Maximum Human Utility
Tadeusz Lewandowski

What Should We Consume?
Virginia Gichuru

Markets that Disappoint: The Need for Responsible Consumption
Steven Hinson

Responsibility and Restricted Economies
Domenico Cortese

Tadeusz Lewandowski, PhD, teaches in the Department of Anglophone Cultures at Opole University, Poland. He has authored a reference book on Polish/English interlingual errors and a monograph on Dwight Macdonald.

Elisabeta Gabriela Ilie is an urban design researcher and PhD student at University College of London’s Bartlett School of Planning. Her current interests focus on place-making processes and negotiations of socio-culturally produced identities in the urban context.