The Gothic – Probing the Boundaries


The Gothic – Probing the Boundaries


Edited by Eoghain Hamilton

Year: 2012

Format: eBook


This book is a collection of essays from the first global conference on the Gothic. Thanks to scholarly work like this, critical appreciation of the Gothic will continue to thrive in the twenty first century and beyond. This work provides pertinent and timely insights into an ever expanding genre.

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The Gothic lives! From The Castle of Otranto to today’s Let Me In, the Gothic continues to be part of popular consciousness. Yet, even as it has adapted to fit changing times and technologies, it has retained both its essence and its hold on our imagination. What defines the Gothic? What are its parameters? This collection of essays, the work of scholars who met at the first-ever global conference on the Gothic, looks at the Gothic today – in print and other media including cinema, in music, in fashion, and in the popular culture of countries around the world. This volume of essays is another step in the process of understanding a genre that stretches the boundaries of definition and continues to make its way, adapting and changing along the way, into new aspects of modern culture

Eoghain Hamilton

Part 1: Gothic Sets the Stage
The Paradox of Horror: The Dark Side of Gothic Aesthetics
Maria Antónia Lima

From Gothicism to Transcendentalism: The Birth of a Nation’s Culture
Jean-Baptiste Dussert

‘Ken’s Mystery’: Blending Gothic Foundations with Gaelic Folklore
Eoghain Hamilton

The Walking Dude: Randall Flagg in Stephen King’s Post-Apocalyptic Epic The Stand
Cornelia Lippert

Dopo Notte Atra e Funesta: Handel’s Ariodante: A Forerunner of the Gothic Novel?
Angela Fodale

Part 2: Lights! Camera! Action!
Representing European Identities in Classic Hollywood Cinema and 18th-Century Gothic Literature
Niall O’Donnell

James Whale’s The Old Dark House: Classic Gothic Cinema as the Origin of The Rocky Horror Show
Armando Rotondi

Evil Against Evil: Demonic Sexuality in William Friedkin’s The Exorcist
Gord Barentsen

Gothic Cinema: Horror on Screen and the Perils of (Over)Interpretation
Dagmara Zając

Part 3: Got(h) Sex?
Do Gothic Lolitas Just Wanna Have Fun? An Examination of the Goth-Loli Style Tribes in Hong Kong and Tokyo
Anne Peirson-Smith

Chick-Fangs, Power Relations, and Being Human
Yvonne Leffler

Un/queering the Gothic: Demi-Haunted (2002)
Shuen Chan

Transcended Bodies, Confused Genders. Some Perspectives on the Portrayal of Sexuality in American Horror Film
Dorota Wiśniewska

Part 4: Spectacles of Gothic
Platonic Critique of the Vampire
Jonathan H. Nelson

Panic on the Streets of Stockholm: Sub/Urban Alienation in the Novels of John Ajvide Lindqvist
Kevin Corstorphine

Food, Blood, Body and Knowledge in Frankenstein and Dracula
Maria Parrino

Part 5: Death
Haunted Castles and Premature Burials: The Cure’s Faith, Goth Subculture and the Gothic Literary Tradition
Anna Milione

Pagan Death: Lovecraftian Horror and the Dream of Decadence
Jesse Norford

Tell-Tale Deaths and Monstrous Quests: Being Human and Visions of Death in Millennial Gothic Fictions
Jacqueline de Giacomo

Eoghain Hamilton, is an MA student at Salem State University. He is the author of Ken’s Mystery: Blending Gothic Foundations with Gaelic Folklore and A Celtic Darkness, a book of short fiction.