The Need to Belong: Perpetual Conflicts and Temporary Stability

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The Need to Belong: Perpetual Conflicts and Temporary Stability


Edited by Albin Wagener and Tina Rahimy

Format: Paperback/eBook (pdf)

This volume articulates cultural expressions, national policies and personal experiences of multiculturalism, belonging, and conflicts.


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Globalization is neither a uniform notion nor an object of one form of politics or scientific and artistic discipline. Even movements such as anti-globalization are part of these globalizing processes, whether culturally, economically or politically. Notions such as identity, belonging and culture have ambiguous meaning and differ within time and space whenever we change our notion of globalization and politics.

This volume articulates cultural expressions, national policies and personal experiences in various domains; the present volume reflects the diversity of viewpoints on the present issue, as contributions emerge from the fields of anthropology, social sciences, literature studies, linguistics, philosophy and political sciences.

Albin Wagener and Tina Rahimy

Part One Concepts, Reflections and Interrogations

Undermined Empathy, Undermined Coexistence: Japanese Discursive Formations Related to Empathy
Setsuko Adachi

From Affirmation to Contestation: On the Politics of Recognition
Renante D. Pilapil

Cultural Entanglements of Human Rights Discourse
Agnieszka Jarzewicz

The Battleground of a Milieu: On the Concept of Flight and Its Political Milieu
Tina Rahimy

Part Two Myths, Arts and Re-Appropriations

Writing New Identities: South Asian Women, North America and Three Asian-American Novels
Madhubanti Bhattacharyya

Global Tribe in the Local Practice: Lapses in the Celebration of Brazilian’s Rave Scene
Carolina de Camargo Abreu

Globalisation, Transculturalism and Environment: Sharing and Understanding Indigenous Perspectives through Poetry
Antonio Cuadrado-Fernandez

The Image of Dance and the Narrative of Secular Culture in Edward Said’s After the Last Sky
Rachid Belghiti

The Cheongsam: A Site of Wonder and Contestation for Canadian Women of Chinese Heritage
Cheryl Sim

Part Three Collective Interpretations and Identity Policies

Crioulas Media: Technology, Language and Identity from a Quilombola Community in Brazil to the Multicultural World
Tiago Assis

Multicultural Belongings on the Contemporary Stage: Krishen Jit’s Theatre of Identity in Malaysia
Charlene Rajendran

Designing Identity: An Attempt to Manufacture Singaporeans
Michael Kearney

From Liberal Nationalism to Nationalistic Liberalism: Liberal Values and the Prospects for Progressive Nationalism
Debopriyo Bal and Benjamin Herscovitch

Representations and Defence Processes in Cross-Cultural Conflicts: France and the Case of Its ‘National Identity’
Albin Wagener

Albin Wagener if Dean of the Institute of Living Languages (IPLV) at the Unveriste Catholique de l-Ouest, Angers, France and President of the Observatory for International Stability and Conflicts (OISC).

Tina Rahimy is a government (NOW) awarded researcher, employed as a PhD at the Faculty of Philosophy of Erasmus University Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Her research investigates the political-philosophical relevance of artistic expressions and refugee subjectivity.