The Prison at the Crossroads

EP4 - Prison - Front

The Prison at the Crossroads


Edited by Anastasia Karamalidou and Alison Spurgeon-Dickson

Year: 2015

Format: eBook (PDF)


This volume takes an interdisciplinary approach to pains of imprisonment, documenting the evolution and expressions of the prison experience and prison life. From empowerment of the prisoner to re-entry into society, these authors present materials from the perspectives of academics, professionals and prisoners.

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Despite progressive international developments in the legalisation of prisoners’ rights and an abundance of literature on the destructive effects of imprisonment on inmates, with a few exceptions, the popularity of the prison as a sanction is unwavering globally. The contributors to this volume highlight the immanence of the pains of imprisonment, documenting their evolution as well as their differing expressions and manifestations with regard to a diversity of prisoner groups and national prison systems, and explore ways of humanising the prison experience and normalising prison life. The common thread running through each individual contribution is the vision of the prison as a place of empowerment as opposed to a place of emasculation in which imprisonment is used sparingly, is administered with fairness and humanity, and champions prisoners’ reentry into society.

Anastasia Karamalidou and Alison Spurgeon-Dickson

Part I The Immanence of Prison Pains

An Indian Novel and a Czech Diary: Stories of Domination, Resistance, Imprisonment and…
I. H-Shihan

Justice Denied: Care of Childbearing Women in the Criminal Justice System
Regina Cardaci

Why Do You Lock Me up since You Think that I Will never Be Good to Come Out? Better Kill Me; It Is Cheaper!
Anastasia Karamalidou

Rights and Living Conditions of Pre-Trial Detainees in the People’s Republic of China
Elisa Nesossi

Part II Humanising Prison Life

Doing Time in a Prison Education Department: Prisoners’ Perspectives
Alison Spurgeon-Dickson

Be(Com)ing Human in a Hostile World: Foundations of a Literary Experience for Prisoners
Phyllis G. Hastings

Challenges and Opportunities for Outside Innovation in the Prison Experience
Paul Talbot

Anastasia Karamalidou currently lectures in Criminology and Criminal Justice at Middlesex University, London. Her research interests are comparative penology, ethnography, human rights and European human rights law.

Alison Spurgeon-Dickson is a lecturer in applied psychology at the University of Cumbria. While interested in prison and the rehabilitation of offenders, currently her research and writing is devoted to educational research and professional identities within the criminal justice system.