Understanding New Perspectives of Spirituality

Understanding New Perspectives of Spirituality Front

Understanding New Perspectives of Spirituality


This book deals with the rapidly developing field of spirituality. Written through an interdisciplinary framework of theories and practices, it reveals the richness of the human spiritual experience.

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This book deals with the rapidly developing field of spirituality. Although having a singularity of focus, the chapters have been written by a cross-cultural and international set of researchers who discuss critical issues from an interdisciplinary perspective. Thus, while a broad range of critical aspects emerge, the chapters are threaded together by the concept of spirituality as a lone walk. While alone, the spiritual journey is also deeply connected to others. As a deeply human experience the chapters in this book therefore reflect the prismatic viewpoints that form the understandings and experiences of the spiritual walk. This book challenges the reader to start to understand the apparent ambiguity this appears to bring to researchers and practitioners. Rather than a roadblock to understanding, the multiple frames and facets this brings it is instead a rich field for the exploration of the human condition.

An Introduction to the Incurving of Current Issues: Understanding New Perspectives of Spirituality
Edie Lanphar, Agata Wilczek and Phil Fitzsimmons

Part I Understanding Spirituality

Empirical Acquisition of Data on Spiritual Health: Contradictio in Adjecto, or Coincidentia Oppositorum?
Ivo Jirásek and Pavel Veselský

The Emergence of Spirituality Studies as a Field: Notes from the Front
Benjamin A. Lyons and John L. Hochheimer

The Way of Man to a Spiritual Life According to Martin Buber
Ferdinand Röhr

Emanuel Swedenborg’s Contribution to Understanding Spirituality in the Twenty-First Century
Jane Williams-Hogan

Part II Self-Transforming Power of Spirituality

The Spirituality of Change and Transformation
Martin C. Fowler

Developing Our Inner Spiritual Guide: A Practical Spiritual 61 Epistemology for the 21st Century
Anna Gatmon

Inside Story: Spiritual Transformations of Malaysian-Chinese Buddhist Pilgrim
Sandra Ng Siow San

Part III Spirituality in Literature and Culture

Dancing with the Eternity, Dervish as Dasein
Cihan Camcı

Ghost from the Past: The Fortune of hyaku monogatari in Post-Meiji Japan
Diego Cucinelli

Indian Dance in Christianity
M. Caterina Mortillaro

The Literary beyond Words: Towards Theonomic Understanding of Literature and Culture
Agata Wilczek

Part IV Spirituality in Education

The Buddha and Ignatius of Loyola in Conversation: Responding to the Challenge of Religious Pluralism in Faith-Based Higher Education
Andre L. Delbecq

The Ideal and Idealized School: Spirituality as the Core of Being, Belonging and Becoming
Phil Fitzsimmons and Edie Lanphar

Seeing Crucibles: Educational Relevance of Spiritual Development
Audrey Lingley

Mandala: From Ancient Wisdom to an Application to Spiritual Teaching for the 21st Century in Higher Education
Himapan Ruktaengam

Spirituality in the Outdoor Experiential Learning Courses: ‘Life Is a Gothic Dog’
Pavel Veselský and Ivo Jirásek

Part V Spirituality in Healthcare

Spirituality in the Care of the Dying in India: A Historical-Cultural Exploration
Hamilton Inbadas, Aru Narayanasamy and Jane Seymour

Spirituality and Japanese Self-Help Groups for Alcoholics: Zen Buddhism for Abstinence
Tomofumi Oka and Richard Dean Chenhall

Spirituality, Healing and Wellbeing: Meta-Theoretical Perspectives within the Framework of Practical Theology
Lutricia E. Snell (neé Maree)

Edie Lanphar is a lecturer in all stages of the pre-service teaching program at Avondale College of Higher Learning, Cooranbong, Australia. Her research interests are attachment theory, connectivity and spirituality.

Agata Wilczek is a PhD student in the Institute of English Cultures and Literatures at the University of Silesia in Poland. Her main research interests include contemporary philosophy, literary theory, post-secularism and Christian mysticism.