Value of Work: Updates on Old Issues

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Value of Work: Updates on Old Issues


Edited by Valentina Cuzzocrea and Jennifer Laws

Year: 2011

Format: eBook


This e-book discusses contemporary understandings of the nature of work and its enduring value as a central aspect of human life.

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This e-book discusses contemporary understandings of the nature of work and its enduring value as a central aspect of human life. It takes an interdisciplinary and global perspective to examine some key contradictions afflicting contemporary work, suggesting that space is created for work which is enriching, enhancing and culturally integrated rather than harmful and devaluing.

Valentina Cuzzocrea & Jennifer Laws

Section 1. Valuing Work: Concepts and Conflicts

Rhetorics of Work: The Value of Work in Different Contexts of Argument
Patrick Cockburn

The Importance of Work in Our Life
Nur Yeliz Gulcan

Work, Madness and an Ethics of Relation
Jennifer Laws

Holistic Working Concepts in Modern Societies – Revision and Empirical Updates of ‘Old’ Debates about ‘New’ Approaches to Work
Linda Nierling

Section 2. Rethinking Common Concepts

The Concept of Study as Work in the Bologna Reform Process
Georg Friedrich Simet

Work-Family Reconciliation: Challenges and Solutions
Viola Korpa

Looking beyond the Gender Pay Gap: Research Results on the (De)valuation of Women and Men’s Work
Elisa Bellè, Annalisa Murgia and Barbara Poggio

Section 3. Coping With the ‘New’ Late Capitalism

Crafting a Working Life on the Move: The Experiences of U.S. Air Force Wives
Michelle Still Mehta

Old Issues back in? Creativity in a Context of Work Devaluation
Valentina Cuzzocrea

Resisting Time Pressure – Work-Integrated Learning Facing Individual Challenges in Knowledge-Based Economies
Sven Trantow, Janine Stieger, Frank Hees and Sabina Jeschke

Section 4. Work Challenges and Rewards: Local Case Studies

Is there an Earning Penalty for the Self-employed Worker? Evidence from India
Partha Pratim Sahu

Nature and Trends of Female Unpaid Work in India
Sharmistha Sinha

The Value of Work and Gender Norm in Early working Paths of Czech Women
Lenka Formánková

Work and Care in the Life Course of Working Mothers: Different Breadwinning Contexts
Hana Maříková

The Role of Work in Fertility Plans of Childless Men and Women in Their Thirties
Hana Hašková

Decisions on Re-entering the Labour Market after the Parental Leave
Hana Hašková

Discrimination Processes in Women’s Working Paths in the Czech Republic
Alena Křížková

Valentina Cuzzocrea (MA, PhD Essex) holds a research fellowship at the University of Cagliari, Italy. She is interested in how young qualified people first enter the labour market. Her first book, Flexi-jobs or Flexi-lives? (Odoya, 2011), offers insights into early career construction. She has forthcoming work in Journal of Youth Studies, Rassegna Italiana di Sociologia, and Work, Employment and Society.
Jennifer Laws (MA, Durham) is a teaching fellow and early-career researcher at Durham University, UK. She is shortly to submit an interdisciplinary PhD examining the myriad relations between work, recovery and ‘madness’ amidst a political climate of welfare-to-work. Recent sites of publication include Social Science & Medicine, and History of the Human Sciences.