Who’s the Fairest of Them All: Decoding Cultural Stereotypes in Sci-Fi and Fantasy Literature


Who’s the Fairest of Them All: Decoding Cultural Stereotypes in Sci-Fi and Fantasy Literature


A collection exploring a wide variety of concepts – the Other, the roles of women, Afrofuturism, gender and obedience and survival, patriarchal norms , ecocriticism – exposing the diversity of speculative fiction criticism.

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From its humble beginnings in the early nineteenth century, science fiction and fantasy criticism has steadily grown and evolved into a multidisciplinary genre that extends across literature, film, television, gaming, and even into real-world technology. The lax parameters of the genre as a whole produce the ability to engage with a wide range of topics, broaching anything from feminism, ecocriticism, Afrofuturism, sexuality and cultural dynamics to religion, economics, psychology and everything in between. We believe that science fiction and fantasy criticism continues and will continue to demonstrate its relevance and applicability, thus showing the world the richness and depth that it has to offer. We hope as you read this collection, you will be able to see this too.

Introduction: Travelling Time
Nicole Atkings and Hazel Impey

Living Dolls: Explicating the Female Cyborg
Nicole Atkings

Science Fiction and Black Women Writing: A Reading of West-Indian Canadian Nalo Hopkinson’s and African American Octavia Butler’s Novels
Jacinth Browne

The Mismeasure of Aliens and Others: ID4 May Not B4U
Micheal Pounds

‘Winter Is Coming’: Nature and Climate Change in A Song of Ice and Fire
Sayujya Sankar

Are Aliens Sexy? The Sexuality of the Alien, the Sexuality of the Other
Anna Mojsiewicz

Of Dragons and Bigotry
Hazel Impey

Hazel Impey, PhD thesis in fantasy literature at Northumbria University in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England. Hazel is aiming to be a lecturer in English Literature, and is also pursuing fiction-writing.

Nicole Atkings Recent recipient of an English Bachelor degree with Honours from the University of Saskatchewan, Nicole is taking a year off to focus on her musical career as a cellist. She plans to pursue a Master’s degree in English at the U of S in 2016 focusing on the implications of gendered technology in Speculative Fiction.