The Inter-Disciplinary Press presently consists of 4 differing Imprints, each with a focus on differing kinds of publishing activity.

Inter-Disciplinary Press: primarily publishes collaborative books, consisting of multiple contributors, where the aim is to invite and promote interdisciplinary discussion whilst probing the boundaries of critical issues.

Fisher Imprints: launched in 2008 it primarily publishes individual and co-authored manuscripts with the intention of engaging in sustained interdisciplinary research and exemplifying the promise of such an approach.

The Graduate Press: launched in 2014 it provides an opportunity to showcase the very best interdisciplinary work from graduates, young researchers and people exploring contemporary issues in innovative and creative ways.

Tranquillity Press: launched in 2015 the work of the press is to develop and evolve a range of publishing materials which support interdisciplinary approaches to health, well being and tranquillity.