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Cultural Excavation and Formal Expression in the Graphic NovelCulture, Experience, Care

Cultural Perspectives of Video Games

Edited by Adam L. Brackin and Natacha Guyot
ISBN: 978-1-84888-161-7
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Understanding that video games are a fundamentally human creation, this cast of international scholars, designers, developers, and most importantly gamers, share with us their common connection though video game culture.


Video games are nothing without people. From the designer whose idea is first conceptualised, to the player whose very role captures the nature of ‘play,’ every person involved in the design, development, production, and sales process of video games contributes to the nature of a given game, and indeed video games as a whole. This volume was compiled from contributions given by a cast of international scholars, designers, developers, and most importantly gamers, who all share a common connection though the very video game culture about which each has written. The common thread among these deliciously diverse topics remains that same singular thought, that because of the very necessary human derived interaction as a fundamental element, video games are therefore fundamentally human. Within this volume are three sections relating to this phenomenon. The first is ‘Gaming and Society,’ followed by ‘Creative Stakes and Goals,’ and concluding with ‘The Video Game Industry.’

Table of Contents

Video Games Are People!
Adam L. Brackin and Natacha Guyot

Part 1: Gaming and Society

Heroic Possibilities: Video Games as a Way to Learn and Understand Culture
Alexis Rodríguez Ramos

Dictating Morality: The Problematic Epistemologies of Engagement
Laura M. Crawford

Dying to Play: How Death Mechanics Provide Meaningful Experiences in Guild Wars
Daniela Robles

Dragon Age: Offered and Created Womanhood
Natacha Guyot

Psychosocial and Sociocultural Determinants of Video Gamer Typology
Benjamin Čulig and Izvor Rukavina

Discourses of Departure in Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games (MMORPGs)
Nick Webber

Part 2: Design, Creative Stakes, and Goals

Authenticity Versus Validity: A New Approach to Video Game Design
Adam L. Brackin

Iteration and Procedurality in Game Studies
Gábor Zoltán Kiss

‘Limits of Genre, Limits of Fantasy’: Rethinking Computer Role-Playing Games
Marta B. Garda

Theological Productions: The Role of Religion in Video Game Design
Robert M. Geraci

Urban Visions in Video Games: London and Paris
Aránzazu Pérez Indaverea and Lourdes Pérez Indaverea

The Parallels between Television and Video Game Narrative
Jainan Sankalia

The Hunt for Horror in Resident Evil Franchise: Games versus Movies
Patrunjel Ioan-Flaviu

Part 3: The Video Game Industry

Of Streamlining and Men: Classics Redone, a Fall from Grace or an Egalitarian Accomplishment?
Tomasz Gnat

Video Games as an Enhancement of Human Communication: The Case of Documentary Video Games
Melita Zajc

Need for Serious Entertainment
Daniel Riha

The Peripherals Initiative
David Bouchard

Facts and Discussion about Hours of Work in the Video Game Industry
Johanna Weststar and Marie-Josée Legault

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About the Authors/Editors

Adam L. Brackin was director of game development at Fundi Interactive Games as the head writer and creator of various works of collaborative online fiction from which he created the ‘Circular Model of ARG Development.’ He earned his PhD in Humanities: Aesthetic Studies at the University of Texas at Dallas, where he now teaches Art and Technology, with a focus on video game design and online interactive/collaborative storytelling.

Natacha Guyot is an academic coming from media studies in Sorbonne Nouvelle and King’s College London who works mostly on Science Fiction, transmedia, and fan communities and practices. She currently serves as a staff member for the Organization for Transformative Works, and maintains and online presence on


Culture, death, design, development, fantasy, gaming, gender, horror, industry, morality, religion, science fiction, serious games, society, video game

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