Navigating Landscapes of Mediated Memory

Edited by Paul Wilson and Patrick McEntaggart
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A collection of essays centred on themes and issues emerging from the notion of digital memory.


These essays look to survey a broad set of takes/reflections/ideas and theories inspired by and emerging from the fast-developing notion of digital memory. As we rush headlong towards a point in cultural life where much of what we experience is mediated by some form of digital technology, this timely volume offers an inspiring critical set of examinations of the potential and perils of our seemingly new landscape of digital memory. The range of authors and disciplines reflects the far-reaching effects and implications of such a concept and the volume attempts to draw together a range of key critical concepts to illuminate, inspire and inform.

Table of Contents

Paul Wilson and Patrick McEntaggart

PART 1: Social Networking and its Impact on Memories

Geopolitical Identity Construction in the Virtual Global Village. The Significance of Regional, National and Transnational Identities in Social Network Sites
Bernadette Kneidinger

Traumatic Event and Digital Memories: Remembering and Processing the Earthquake in Abruzzi

Alessandra Micalizzi

PART 2:  Transformation and Re-Interpretation of Memories in New Media

Memories about Socialism into the Internet Forum of 
Bulgarian Emigrants in United Kingdom
Mila Maeva

 Remixes and Appropriations of Socialist Legacy Online

Valentina Gueorguieva

PART 3: Platforms and Applications

YouTube and Post-Yugoslav Anti-Fascism

Martin Pogačar

How to Explore a Digitalised Autobiographical Corpus: The Case of Frantext

Véronique Montémont

PART 4: Digital Memories and Cultural Heritage

Identifying Challenges in Museums’ Online Communities

Merja Nummi and Leila Stenfors

PART 5: Digital Horizons of Remembering Wars and Conflicts

From World War 2 to World War 2.0: Commemorating War and Holocaust in Poland on the Internet
Dieter De Bruyn

Memorial of Deportation

Philippe Campays, Stephanie Liddicoat and Matt Randell

Web Wars, or Russia’s and Ukraine’s Digital Languages
of Memory
Ellen Rutten

PART 6: Past and New Architectures for Memory

Metadata and New Architectures of Memory in Programmable Environments

Carlos Henrique Falci

Blended Memory: The Changing Balance of Technologically-Mediated Semantic and Episodic Memory

Tim Fawns

Interface Archaeology in Simulation Culture

Seppo Kuivakari

PART 7: New Media Formats

Retrogaming Community Memory and Discourses
of Digital History
Jaakko Suominen

PART 8: Media Archeologies

Audiovirtual Oblivion: Media Archaeology of Early Finnish Music Web and its Vanishing

Janne Mäkelä and Jaakko Suominen

A Community Kept Alive through Memory: Preserving
the Essence of the British Working-Men’s Club
Paul Wilson and Patrick McEntaggart
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About the Author(s)/Editor(s)
Dr. Paul Wilson and Patrick McEntaggart work in the School of Design at the University of Leeds. Their research interests range across technologies of cultural and creative production, and their implications across a broad range of contexts. Their most recent research has explored sites of embedded class experience and the implications on potential formations of community.

Key Words
Memory, digital memory, cultural memory, technology, mediation, community

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