Spirituality: New Reflections

Edited by Martin C. Fowler, Michael Weiss and John L. Hochheimer
ISBN: 978-1-84888-139-6
File type: eBook: pdf

This book contains papers presented at the 2nd Global Conference, Spirituality in the 21st Century: At the Interface of Theory, Praxis and Pedagogy held in Prague in 2012. They represent current research being done in various disciplines and settings around the world in: architecture, art, communication, education, film studies, hospice and palliative care, literature, management, musicology, performance studies, philosophy, psychology, social and cultural anthropology, social work, sociology, and theology.


The contemporary study of spirituality encompasses a wide range of interests, often founded on inter- and multidisciplinary approaches. What unites them is the attempt to research about a given process in an existential way, trying to explore the essentials of a particular phenomenon in its holistic manifestation(s). For this to be realised, research on spiritual theory, praxis and pedagogy tends to be a mindful and meticulous journey into the subtle movements of phenomenal interfaces and their interpretations. This volume offers thorough and contemplative reflections on Spirituality - reaching from its mystic qualities of nothingness to its study and practice with children. The authors hope that this book will serve as an inspiration upon which future research, application and teaching may be based.

Table of Contents

John L. Hochheimer

Martin C. Fowler

Part 1: Wandering the Spiritual Path

Nancy Billias

The Wanderer’s Journey
Martin C. Fowler

Part 2: Pedagogies of the Human Spirit

Learning through Inner Listening: A Pedagogy of Spirituality
John L. Hochheimer

Experiential Pedagogies for Transforming Student Spirituality
Jerry Bowling

What Does It Mean to Be Human?: Teaching Virtue Ethics Pedagogy in a Religious Education Classroom in Vancouver, Canada
Noorin Fazal

Spiritual Formation of Higher Education and Healthcare Leaders: A United States Case Study
Andre L. Delbecq

Synergies between Home Economics and Spiritual Health and Well-Being
Jay Deagon

Part 3: Pedagogies of Transformative Learning

When Kids Spiritually Connect: The Sources, Sites and Storying of ‘Relational Consciousness’
Phil Fitzsimmons and Edie Lanphar

Cognitive, Affective, Spiritual: Transformative Learning in an Islamic Education Programme
Mukhlis Abu Bakar

Reflections and a Proposal for a Curriculum Development in Psych-Education with an Example of an Exploratory Study from Turkey
Duysal Aşkun Çelik

Part 4: Spirituality, God and the Developing Self

Spiritual Development of a Personality as a Process of Spirit Creation
Galyna P. Shevchenko

Forgetting the ‘Self’ as a Means for Spiritual Growth
Einav Rosenblit

The Importance of Relating with God for Spiritual Well-Being
John W. Fisher

Part 5: Spirituality Expressed in Music and Dance

Music Transcendent and Mundane
Richard McGregor

Realising Emptiness through Dance: Ways of Transmission in the Japanese Butō Dance of Ohno Yoshito
Michael Weiss

Group Singing in the Oral Tradition as Source of Spiritual Opening: An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis
Melanie Boyd

Part 6: Spirituality in Film, Literature and Architecture

Screened Signs of Grace: André Bazin’s ‘Cinema and Theology’ and the Sacramental Facet of Film
Sérgio Dias Branco

Journeys toward Grace: Spiritual Perspectives in Contemporary Transformation Narratives
Kerstin W. Shands

Allegory: A Spiritual Journey
Rouhollah Zarei

Ecstasy or Anxiety? A Study of the Spiritual Impacts of Contemporary Architecture
Hadi Fayyaz, Ahmad Ali Heydari and Maryam Alvan Darestani

Part 7: Spirituality, Suffering and Palliative Care

Spirituality throughout the Phases of Change in Suffering
Patricia A. Fennell

Palliative Care within the Iranian Context: Re-Defining Palliative Care, Deploying Spirituality as a Support Measure and Need for Cultural Sensitivity
Mojdeh Abedi

Scratching the Itch: Speaking of Spirituality in Addictions Counselling
Elisabeth Gedge and Deirdre Querney

Part 8: Spirituality: The Post-Modern Self and Alternatives to Violence

Technology, Selfhood and Postmodern Hoping
William S. Schmidt

A Place for Religious Atheism in 21st Century Spirituality?
Wim Van Moer

Spiritual Praxis: Quaker Peace-Making and Communicative Action in the Alternatives to Violence Project
Eleanor Novek and John L. Hochheimer

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About the Authors/Editors

Martin C. Fowler is a lecturer of philosophy (Elon University) and author of The Ethical Practice of Critical Thinking (2008). His special interests are animal philosophy, space exploration, and the spirituality of movement.

Michael Weiss is a social anthropologist (University of Vienna) and performer (Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium/Odin Teatret), currently in his postdoctoral period with an arts-based research focus in dance-, ritual-, grief- and wisdom studies.

John L. Hochheimer (PhD, Stanford University, 1986) is Professor of Communication at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA. For several years, his work has involved the development of spiritual theory, praxis and pedagogy. He is editor or co-editor of three books: Democratization and the Media: An East-West Dialogue (1990); Hope in the 21st Century (2009) and Spirituality: Theory, Praxis and Pedagogy (2012).


Spirituality, spiritual, religion, religious, religious beliefs, art, education and religion, religion in the classroom, hospice and palliative care, communication, management, mysticism, identity.

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