Spirituality: Theory, Praxis and Pedagogy

Edited by Martin Fowler, John D. Martin III and John L. Hochheimer
ISBN: 978-1-84888-091-7
File Type: eBook (.pdf)

This book contains 38 papers presented at the Global Conference on Spirituality: Theory, Praxis, Pedagogy held in Prague, Czech Republic in March 2011. They represent current work being done in various locales around the world in: medicine, nursing, social work, psychology, theology, communication, art, management, music, sociology, literature, poetry, education, hospice, police work and healing practices.

The growth of scholarly journals, books, and symposia focusing on spiritual Theory, Praxis and Pedagogy confirms the increasing attention being given to Spirituality in many fields and regions of the world for the past two decades, or longer. Yet the proliferation of such work in any given field has been done most often in relative isolation from parallel work being done in other areas of inquiry, and in other parts of the world.

This book offers an initial attempt to bridge both disciplinary and geographic gaps by offering a sampling of work being done by scholars, practitioners and teachers who have been grounding their work in Spirituality in disparate fields and locales around the world.  The work presented here was offered by colleagues who were invited (following a rigorous double-blind selection process) to come to Prague, Czech Republic in March 2011 to participate in the Global Conference on Spirituality: Theory, Praxis, Pedagogy. The authors hope that this book will serve as a foundation upon which future collaborative/interdisciplinary research, application and teaching may be based.

Table of Contents

John L. Hochheimer

Martin Fowler

PART 1 What is Spirituality?

Spirituality Definitions: A Moving Target 
Lucy Bregman

Making Meaning of Meaning-Making Research: The Background of Key Dimensions
Niels Christian Hvidt

Communication, Spirituality and the Sharing of Meaning 
John L. Hochheimer

What is the Meaning of the Word 'Spirituality'? 
Peter la Cour, Nadja Ausker and Niels Christian Hvidt

Conceptualization of Spirituality: Theory of Seven Spiritual Identities
Mubina Kirmani and Sanaullah Kirmani

PART 2 How is Spirituality Experienced?

Investigation into Mysticism: Limits and Possibilities 
Agnė Brudriūnaitė

Do Spiritual People always Know that They Are? 
Gavin J. Fairbairn

The Healing Miracles of Jesus Compared with Modern-Day Spiritual Healing as Practiced by The Surrey Healing Association
Christine Colverson

Spirituality and Women of Pakistani Heritage Living in the UK
Susan Fairbairn

Sense-Making as Methodology for Spirituality Theory, Praxis, Pedagogy and Research
Brenda Dervin, Kathleen D. Clark, Angela Coco, Lois Foreman-Wernet,
Christlin P. Rajendram and CarrieLynn D. Reinhard

PART 3 How is Spirituality Shared?

How to Belong with a One-Way Ticket to Mars 
Martin Fowler

Storying the World through Spirituality 
Cheryl Hunt

Brandscendence: The Spiritual Dimension of the Brands 
Mário Ernesto René Schweriner

Pagan Religiousness as 'Networked Individualism' 
Angela Coco

PART 4 How Can Science Research Spirituality?

General Implications of Spirituality for Science 
Jarkko Kari

Re-Searching Spirituality and Cultural Identity: Transformative Learning and Unfolding Wisdom in the Lives of Participants and the Researcher
Elizabeth J. Tisdell

Exploring the Psycho-Spiritual Construct Attachment to God: The Contribution of Australian Researchers
Marie-Thérèse Proctor, Loyola McLean, Maureen Miner, Martin Dowson and Stuart Devenish

A Delicate Balance: The Intersection of the Spiritual and the Psychological in Healthcare
Marie-Thérèse Proctor

The Pilgrim Road Goes On: Psychotherapy and Spirituality Continue to Journey Together towards Healing and Human Flourishing
Loyola McLean

The Role of Spirituality in the Therapeutic Process of Forgiveness
Adina Karner-Hutuleac and Diana Laura Ciubotaru

PART 5 Where do Helpers Encounter Spirituality?

Policing and Spirituality: Their Impact on Brain Integration and Consciousness
Ginger Charles, Fred Travis and Jonathan Smith

The Surfacing of Spiritual Facets in the Classroom as an Everyday Event
Phil Fitzsimmons and Edie Lanphar

Spirituality in UK Prisons: Prescription and Limitations of Chaplaincy Reform
Stephen J. Hunt

Cancer Survivors' Belief in the 21st Century: A Taylorian Analysis
Elisabeth Assing Hvidt

PART 6 What Makes Good Help Spiritual?

Nurturing Spirituality in Early Childhood Classrooms: The Teacher's View
Jennifer Mata

Secure Attachment to God and a Secure/Comfortable Attachment Organization may Promote Healthy Recovery from Severe Burns Injury
Loyola McLean, Marie-Thérèse Proctor, Joanne Shaw, Julia Kwiet, Vanessa Rogers, Jeffrey Streimer, 
John Vandervord and Kasia Kowlowska

Applied Meditation: Introducing Spiritual Practice to Mental Health Patients
Laura de la Torre Bueno and Hayyim Feldman

A Qualitative Study of Spiritual Development in the Classroom
Yee-Ling Ng

PART 7 How Do We Listen to Spiritual Witness?

The Varieties of Religious (and Musical) Experience: Toward a Psychology of Sacred Music for the 21st Century
Steven G. Morgan

Hip-Hop's Holy GURU: Evidence of Spirituality in Keith Elam's Rhetoric
Geoffrey B. Ostrove

At the Frontier between Spirituality/Religion and Psychopathology: Two Narratives
Véronique Béguet

Spirit Stories: Cultivating Holistic Intelligence in Nursing 
Cathy L. Jaynes and Pip Hardy

Perspectives on Spirituality for Sick Children and Young People in a Multicultural Paediatric Hospital Context: Identifying and Responding to Spiritual Needs
Paul Nash, Sally Nash and Charlotte Frith

The Quest 'Beyond': Exploring 21st Century Spirituality through the Poetry of Rumi
Steven Fink

PART 8 How Do Religion and Spirituality Live Together and Apart?

Sacramental Mediation between Theology and Spirituality 
Hans Gustafson

The Spirituality of Pilgrimage: Pathways to Transformation 
William S. Schmidt

Inside Out: Exploring an Interspiritual Approach to Teaching about Different Religions
Marian de Souza

Vibrations across the Centuries: Anne Conway's Early Modern Cosmology and Postmodern Spirituality
Carol Wayne White

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About the Author(s)/Editor(s)
Martin Fowler teaches philosophy at Elon University. He is a Lecturer in the Dept. of Philosophy.

John D. Martin III is presently a graduate student at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He holds an MA in Islamic Studies from the American University in Cairo. His research is focused primarily on the Islamic esoteric mystical tradition and its relationship with mainstream Islamic thought.

John L. Hochheimer, PhD, is Professor of Communication at Southern Illinois University Carbondale, USA. Since 1999 he has been actively engaged in the development of spirituality and communication theory and pedagogy. He is also the co-organizer and co-chair of the Global Conference on Spirituality: Theory, Praxis, Pedagogy held in Prague, Czech Republic in March 2011.

Key Words
Spirituality, spiritual, religion, religious, religious beliefs, education and religion, religion in the classroom, mysticism, identity, communication.

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