Exploring the Facets of Revenge

Edited by Helena Yakovlev-Golani and Charity Givens
ISBN: 978-1-84888-089-4
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The present book assesses the multifaceted phenomenon of revenge and tries to open a hatch to the human comprehension of vengeance, its roots, role and functions in philosophy, history, societies and literature. It introduces studies as they were presented at the Inter-Disciplinary.Net's 2nd Global Conference on Revenge, which took place in July, 2011 at Mansfield College in Oxford University.


Revenge is a complex notion with many facets and not an easy subject to discuss. However, investigating and understanding this challenging topic may prove to be an important endeavor. This book contains the proceedings from a conference on revenge, covering themes that vary from revenge in history and society, to philosophies of revenge, to revenge in literature and many subjects in between. Each one of the authors contributes ideas to the study of revenge, its meaning and its motivations. The papers on the philosophy cover thoughts from Bacon, Nietzsche and Bataille on the concepts of revenge. The papers on the history of revenge showcase prominent wars and legal systems that formed ideas of revenge on a national level. The papers on revenge in society examine how revenge creates social norms, and therefore, influences peoples' behaviour. Finally, the papers on revenge in literature discuss how prominent authors write about revenge, partially as a reflection of their times, and partially as a reaction against their times. Though this study is by no means complete, it forms a solid foundation upon which more research into the topic of revenge may rest.

Table of Contents

Helena Yakovlev-Golani and Charity Givens

PART I Revenge in Philosophy

Revenge as Wild Justice: A Research Note on Francis Bacon's 'Of Revenge'
Erin A. Dolgoy

Resentment and Valuation in the Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche
Bogdan Dragomirescu

Imagine Less Resentment: An Outline of an Ethical Encounter between Nietzschean and Bataillean Thought Concerning Revenge and War
Stein A. Hevrøy

PART II Revenge in History

Survival and Decline of the Right to Vengeance at the Turn of the Middle Ages and the Early Modern Period in a City of the Low Countries (Namur, 14th-17th Centuries)
Aude Musin

A Right to Kill Traitors: Revenge and Racial Strife in the American Civil War West (1863-1865)
John Ringquist

Revenge towards Professional and Social Reasons: Gendarmeries Purges after WWII
Jonas Campion

PART III Revenge in Society

'You Made Me What I Am. You Added to the Rage': School Shooters in the United States and the Cultural Script of Vengeance
Selina E. M. Doran

Revenge, the Volcano of Despair: The Story of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
Helena Yakovlev-Golani

The Domestication of Vengeance in Ancient Greece and South India
Charles W. Nuckolls

Revenge at the Service of Social Justice: An Afrocentric View
Boniface Anusiem

PART IV Revenge in Literature

'Blood Will Have Blood': Revenge and Injustice in Salman Rushdie's Shalimar the Clown
Roxanne Barbara Doerr

Tender Toxicity: Desire and Revenge in Elizabeth Bowen's Eva Trout
Heather Levy

'As I Have Been Made': Social Revenge in Dickens' Great Expectations
Lydia K. Christoph

The Snooper and the Scribbler: Literary Revenge in Poe's Dupin Trilogy
Charity Givens

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About the Author(s)/Editor(s)
Helena Yakovlev-Golani is a PhD candidate at the Swiss Centre for Conflict Research at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Her PhD thesis deals with the foreign policy analysis in the context of international conflicts. Her areas of expertise include security, economical, geopolitical and cultural aspects in Europe, the post-Soviet space and the Middle-East.

Charity Givens has her master’s degree in English and has been teaching writing for the past four years. She enjoys studying Edgar Allan Poe and how she can go about teaching writing in different media.

Key Words
Vengeance, multidisciplinary studies, revenge in philosophy, revenge in history, revenge in society, revenge in literature

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