Making Sense of Suicide

ISBN: 978-1-84888-215-7
Edited by: Karen McKay and Jann E. Schlimme
File Type: eBook (.pdf)
Year: 2nd Revised Edition, 2013

In an intimate conference arena, a group of people from various countries around the world, from many different backgrounds and possessing myriad lived experiences, tried to make sense of suicide. 2nd Revised Edition.

2nd Revised Edition


The narratives produced in this volume, not only demonstrated that we, as human beings, are narrative animals in our need to make sense of ourselves and our situations; they also demonstrated that we are, in normal life as well as in our narrated selves, embodied, bodily and ecologically, and embedded into interpersonal, and herewith socio-cultural, situations. In striving for a profound understanding of suicide and suicide attempts, as a comprehensive and/or meaningful behaviour, it beccomes clear: although we may never know, exactly, why a person kills herself or which cultural concept of suicide is the ultimate one, we will always suspect that we can at least make some sense of it. Within the pages of this eBook, the reader will find perspectives from many disciplines, each with a common goal - Making Sense of Suicide.

Table of Contents

Kathy McKay and Jann E. Schlimme


Resurrecting a Life through Storytelling: A Healing Process for Survivors of Suicide
Mixon Ware


Talking Ourselves Down (to Earth): Preventing Ecocide
David Franklin


Who is Responsible when 'Attempted Suicide' Goes Wrong?
Gavin J. Fairbairn


Self-Determination and the Suicidal Experience: A Phenomenological Approach
Jann E. Schlimme


Suicide: Ancient Indian Perspective 
Debashis Ghosh


The Value of Human Life in Islam: Physician Assisted Suicide
Hossein Godazgar


Religious Attitudes and Behaviours among Suicide Attempters in Turkish-Muslim Society
Zuhal Agilkaya


What does the Music I Hear Have to do with My Death and Life Views? Social Representations of Life, Death and Suicide
Rute Rodrigues and Abilio Oliveira


Passionate Inscription: Love in the Performance of Suicide
Kathy McKay and Diego De Leo


I Would Die For You: Love, Suicide and Redemption in the Cinema of Fellini, Dreyer and von Trier
Angela Tumini


Suicide and the Limits of Narrative: Ludwig Binswanger's 'Case Study of Ellen West'
Christopher R. Trogan


Recovery from a Suicidal Crisis: Where There's Hope, There's Life
James C. Overholser and Abby Braden


Learning from the Bereaved by Suicide in the Face of Stigma
Dorothy Ratnarajah and Myfanwy J. Maple


Suicide and Irish Travellers
Mary Rose Walker


A Delicate Balance: The Right to Suicide versus
the Police Duty of Care
Vanessa Taylor and Janette Nankivell


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About the Author(s)/Editor(s)
Kathy McKay is a Research Fellow at the Australian Institute for Suicide Research and Prevention, Griffith University, Australia. She has worked on various projects in the field of suicide prevention, and her PhD was conferred in mid-2011. Her main research interest is the interrelationships between body image, self-perception, and self-harm and suicidal behaviours. She also has extensive experience working with suicide prevention programs in Indigenous communities throughout Queensland, Australia. She has recently begun working with an Indigenous suicide prevention group in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. Here, her research focus is on training development and evaluation, community capacity building, grief and Otherness.

Jann E. Schlimme is Marie Curie Fellow at the Department for Philosophy, University of Graz, Austria. He holds a PhD from Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany, in philosophy since 2010, and an MD from Hannover Medical School, Germany, since 1998. He underwent further education, being a specialist in psychiatry and psychotherapy since 2006, at Hannover Medical School, where he received his licence to lecture psychiatry and psychotherapy in 2007. He held positions as senior registrar at Hannover Medical School and the University Hospital of Salzburg, Austria, and has been invited as visiting professor to the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, in 2007, and the University of Louisville, Kentucky, in 2011. Schlimme is editor-in-chief of the “Journal for Philosophy and Psychiatry” and co-editor of “psycho-logik”, a yearbook in psychotherapy, philosophy, and culture. His main research interest is the in-between field of philosophy and psychiatry. He published work on addictive, delusional and schizophrenic disorders and on suicidality, usually applying a phenomenological method. His recent research focus is lived self-determination in chronic mental illnesses.
Key Words
Suicide, Crisis, Depression, Mental Health, Autonomy, Ethics, Law, Society, Love, Religion, Culture, Philosophy.

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