All the World’s a Stage: Theorizing and Producing Blended Identities in a Cybercultural World

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All the World’s a Stage: Theorizing and Producing Blended Identities in a Cybercultural World


Edited by Sabine Baumann and Monica Flegel

Year: 2015

Format: eBook

This volume explores “blended identities” of cyber and “real world” selves. Focusing on the theorization, production, and application of blended lives in a cyber world, the essays cover diverse social, cultural, and international contexts.

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All the World’s a Stage: Theorizing and Producing Blended Identities in a Cybercultural World explores the extent to which cyber and “real” selves increasingly overlap, intersect, and entwine. As the quotation from Shakespeare indicates, the question of the roles we play in society and their relation to our self is not new; however, the rise of cyberculture has further complicated the relationship between our sense of self and our social roles, because it provides more opportunities to adopt new or changed identities. Some contributors to this volume welcome the complexities of the self that cyberculture has engendered, and explore changes in morality, community, and identity. Others acknowledge the negative effects of such performative identities, questioning what we lose by constructing ourselves so constantly in response to a virtual audience. Nevertheless, cyberculture is now “real” culture, and coming to terms with who we are online increasingly determines who we are altogether.

Sabine Baumann and Monica Flegel

Part I Identities

Blogger, Vampire, Celebrity: Identity in the Cyber Era
Wojciech Baluch

Reinventing One’s Identity and the Simulacra of Private Life in Cyberspace
Vilmantė Liubinienė and Saulius Keturakis

Who Are We When We’re Online? Our Digital Selves as Reflections of Our Offline Selves
Oya Morva

Part II Productions

OMG Did You Hear about the Fire??? User Generated Content Circumvents Traditional Media and Governmental Controls in Qatar
Susan Dun and Motasem Kalaji

Internet Memes: Transnational Products of (Home Made) Cyberculture
Victoria Esteves

Part III Applications
Transforming Safety in Cyberspace: Passenger Announcements off the Ground
Sabine Baumann

Is There an App to Track That? The Effect of Mobile Devices on the Culture of Fitness Centres
Susan Dun and James Brandner

The Introduction of Game Design in E-Banking: Thinking of Business while Playing in a Virtual Environment
Luís Rodrigues, Abílio Oliveira and Carlos Costa

Sabine Baumann is a Professor for Media Management and Economics at the Institute for Media Management and Journalism at Jade University in Wilhelmshaven, Germany. Her current research interests lie in media branding, media finance structures and hybrid organisational strategies for media companies.

Monica Flegel is an Associate Professor at Lakehead University in the Department of English. Her area of research is cultural studies, focusing specifically on fan fiction and female writers, and on animal studies and the cultural construction of the pet.