Beyond the Superficial: Making Sense of Food in a Globalized World


Beyond the Superficial: Making Sense of Food in a Globalized World


Edited by Swetha Anthony and Elizabeth M. Schmidt

Year: 2016

Format: eBook (PDF)

Taking an inter- and intra-disciplinary approach, this volume destabilises the notion of taking food for granted, exploring the ways in which food gets contextualised within culture, identity, space and taste

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This volume creates a delectable salad, which stands out both in taste and appeal, through a multifarious exploration of themes enriching the all-inclusive discourse on food. Rather than reiterating the debates that have been hashed and re-hashed in various disciplines, Beyond the Superficial explores novel ideas and sparks unique discussions regarding the situatedness of food in everyday life using parameters such as culture, identity, space and taste. Employing unique inter- and intra-disciplinary methodologies and critical approaches, this volume explores the evolution of definitions of food, cuisine and foodways and focuses on the ways in which discussions about food have moved beyond the superficial – food as a means of survival – to play a role in economic, social, political, cultural and ideological realms. By transcending boundaries of discipline, methodology and interest areas, this compilation will appeal to the tastes of anyone interested in food.

Swetha Antony and Elizabeth M. Schmidt

Coping with Loss: Living without Tea in Ireland during World War II
John Porter

The Most American Daily Bread: The Rise and Fall of Wonder Bread
Keiko Tanaka

Deepening Cultural Knowledge: Semiotic Study on Finnish Chocolate Packages
Heidi Uppa and Tania Rodriguez-Kaarto

Cannibals and Vegetarians in Ancient Greek Theories of the Natural State
John Dayton

Questions of Culinary Commonplacing: The Social Significance of Personal Recipe Collections in the Late Nineteenth Century
Elizabeth M. Schmidt

‘São João, São João, acende a fogueira do meu coração’: An Examination of Food, Culture and Identity in the Brazilian Festas Juninas
Bianca Arantes dos Santos

‘Mamakization’: Food and Social Cohesion in Multiethnic Malaysia
Eric Olmedo and Shamsul AB

Agriculture and Sexual Minorities: Historical Precedents and Contemporary Evolutions
Andrea Bosio

Our Land of Milk and Honey: Spirituality in the Transformation of Ecological and Heritage Production
Hart N. Feuer

Conventual Sweets: A Culinary Journey to Innovation
Maria José Pires, Cláudia Viegas, and Nelson Félix

Swetha Antony is a food scholar and is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of English, University of Delhi, India. Her entry into food studies is rooted in her ongoing research on the impact of literatures, and popular media and culture on the evolution of food cultures and food ways and its subsequent influence on identity.

Elizabeth M. Schmidt is a historian interested in understanding how food both reflects and helps shape identity. Within this broad topic, her research has reached into areas such as gender history, nationalism, and colonialism. Elizabeth will begin her PhD studies at the University of California-Santa Barbara in Fall 2016.