Bigger Than Bones

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Bigger Than Bones


Edited by Haley Jenkins

Year: 2016

Format: eBook (PDF)

Hand transplants, pressured gender selection, breastfeeding rituals, biomechanical body parts, eating disorders and angels, Bigger Than Bones welcomes the reader into the bizarre and often shocking world of the body’s transformations

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148 mm x 210 mm

A murderer’s hands are transplanted onto an innocent pianist, an asexual child’s life is threatened by the world of sex and what really happens when pregnancy takes over a woman’s body? Marginalization, eating disorders, altered bodies, breastfeeding, silent films, the truth behind angels and zombies, these topics are all explored in this exciting volume. Where do we draw the line between ‘the body’ and ‘the other’? What does it really mean to meld the body with the biomechanical? Taking evidence from popular culture and well-known theorists worldwide, Bigger Than Bones explores how we are more than just our skeletal blueprint, that the body – and the perceptions of the body – give way to many layers of debate and inquiry.

Haley Jenkins

Zombies and Angels: Human Nature In Light of the Unnatural
Linda Fisher-Høyrem

Toy Town
Haley Jenkins

Construction of Limitations: Cultural Marginalization of Altered Embodiment
Ana Koncul

Experience of Embodied Boundary Transformations in Pregnancy: ‘My Stomach Is Not My Stomach Anymore’
Agne Matulaite

Breastfeeding through Sociohistorical Lens: Tensions, Beliefs and Controversies
Ingrid Ots

‘My Hands are Those of a Murderer’: Conceptions and Stagings of Artificial Corporeality in Silent Films
Romina Seefried

Becoming the Secret Self: The Relation of Body and Identity in Fantasy and Horror
Stephanie Weber

Aberrant Consumers: Eating Disorders and Anti-Capitalist Identities
Dawn Woolley

Haley Jenkins works as a poet and novelist. She holds a degree in Creative Writing from The University of Roehampton and a degree Creative Writing from The University of Surrey. Her work has been published in poetry journals Tears in the Fence, datableed zine and Painted, spoken, The Trouble with Parallel Universes (Fincham Press, 2013) and Screams and Silences (Fincham Press, 2015).