Challenges and Opportunities: Environmental Justice and Global Citizenship


Challenges and Opportunities: Environmental Justice and Global Citizenship


The challenge of securing environmental justice is often confounded by the diverse nature of the global citizenship. This volume attempts to address this issue by collecting inter-disciplinary chapters which consider the challenges and opportunities presented by the struggle to secure this ever-shifting goal.

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In light of the realisation that environmental justice must, as far as is possible, incorporate the needs of the global citizenship, this volume considers a range of the specific and broad issues which have emerged in this regard. Discussion of such issues however has the potential to become inherently negative, culminating in suggestions that the only approach to preventing environmental harms is to restrict, prohibit and divest from established practice. Such suggestions however inevitably result in contention between parties on either side of the debate regarding the implementation of any such measures. As such the volume considers both challenges and opportunities for the development of measures to secure environmental justice for a diverse global citizenship. This is achieved through three broad areas of discussion, the philosophical foundations of securing environmental justice, how education might secure it for the future and the lessons from examples of success in doing so

John Pearson and Karen Druffel

Part I Philosophical Foundations

Liberalism, Socialism and Environmental Crisis
George N. Politis

American Sustainable Stewardship: There is a Right Path
Colin W. Maguire

Flourishing as an Ecological Process
Jorge M. Valadez

Part II Environmental Education for Environmental Justice

Within and Without: The Materiality of Environmental Justice and Global Citizenship
Tom Matyok and Cathryne Schmitz

Investigating Green Friends: How Students Examined Business Use of Social Media to Communicate Environmental Responsibility
Karen Druffel and Bridgett Perry-Galvin

Part III From Micro to Macro: Building on and Learning From Success and Failure

Battle with Habitat: The Natural Contract and Vital Materiality Walk with Environmental Peacebuilding through the Wadi Fukin Valley
Bronwyn Lay

The Maurice Ile Durable (MID) Concept: Some Comparisons on Ecological Justice and Global Citizenship with Reference to the Islands-State of Mauritius and the United States
Mohammad Khalil Elahee

Ensuring Environmental Expression: An International Human Rights Law Approach to the Preservation of the Culturally Critical Environments of Indigenous Peoples
John Pearson

John Pearson is a lecturer at Manchester University, where he teaches English Legal System and Methods, Environmental Law and Property Law.

Karen Druffel is Associate Professor in the Department of Economics and Business Administration at Framingham State University in Massachusetts, USA.