Crafting Media Personas

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Crafting Media Personas


Edited by Jon Leon Torn

Year: 2016

Format: eBook (PDF)

This volume examines the crafting of media personas in celebrity culture and war films, their focus on extreme situations, and how media consumers judge them and learn from them.

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Media brings us many things. But of all the things that media exposes us to, by far the most prevalent is other people. The vast majority of media content revolves around the human world, human experience, and human behaviour. Whether these humans that we are invited to examine via the media are real or fictional doesn’t often matter. We watch, we judge, and we learn by witnessing through media the actions of people who we never have met personally, and most likely never will. This volume examines two important aspects of this media personascape, which at first glance may appear far removed from one another: celebrities and war films. Both these areas nonetheless share a focus on how humans behave in extreme situations, and how media consumers judge them and learn from them. Readers will attain a new appreciation of the importance of the persona across multiple media formats.

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Jon Leon Torn is an Associate Professor of Creative Media and Film in the School of Communication at Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff Mountain Campus.