Experiencing Otherness: Multidisciplinary Perspectives

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Experiencing Otherness: Multidisciplinary Perspectives


Edited by Hassan Bashir and Susmita Roye

Year: 2015

Format: eBook (PDF)

The fear of the alien – the unknown stranger figure – is as old as the history of mankind. Experiencing Otherness discusses the stranger, alien foreigner with some of today’s top scholars from multiple disciplines.

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The fear of the alien – the unknown stranger figure – is as old as the history of mankind. This figure has haunted the human mind in different shapes and forms – at times, as the outsider hailing from beyond the familiar circle, or as the foreigner coming from a different country, or as the Other standing apart due to his dissimilar racial/religious/cultural domain. The terror-struck imagination of man has also gone to the extent of conjuring gods and demons to distinguish from mere mortals, ghosts and vampires as opposed to the living, extra-terrestrial invaders who are strikingly unlike the earth’s inhabitants. Myths, folklores, songs, art and literary endeavors from across time and space bear evidence to this phenomenon of conceiving and immortalizing the alien figure. And yet, this phenomenon is only expected and understandable because how can the ‘Self’ exist unless it is silhouetted against the ‘Other’?

Hassan Bashir and Susmita Roye

Resisting Governmental Illegalisation: Xenophobia and Otherness in Steven Spielberg’s ET: The Extra-Terrestrial
Martin Mulheim

‘No, not Another Banana!’ Cries of Identity
Asrenee Ab Razak, Lenore Manderson and Jill Astbury

From Prostitutes to Authoritarian Leaders: Imagery of the Russian-Speaking Immigrants in Israel
Daiva Repeckaite

Transitional Othering of (M)Other: Disrupted Motherlines in Post-Yugoslav Prose by Women
Tatjana Bijelić

Gaining the Reputation of a Witch (an ‘Other’): Explanation of the Social Game
Stanisław Wītecki

Othered in Translation, Selved in Silence: Role of Language in Amitav Ghosh’s The Hungry Tide
Susmita Roye

Double Strangers: Will Iranian Immigrants Ever Feel at ‘Home’ in Australia?
Azam Naghavi, Lenore Manderson and Katie Vasey

Stories of Alterity in Migration: Romanian Cases
Alexandra Deliu

Reciprocating Self and Other: Lessons from Autism
Dawn-joy Leong

The Other within the Self: A Story of the Romanian Collective Identity
Adriana Ivonne Marinescu

Otherness of Natives as a Consequence of Transnational Organizations’ Increased Penetration in Global South
Sanee Sajjad

Doha by Design: Urban Planning and Social Space in Doha
Catherine Lechicki and Khadija Mahsud

The Extimate Identity: A Criticism of the Liberal-Communitarian Debate
François Levrau

Others Are Us: Decontextualizing Strangers in the International Arena
Hassan Bashir and Hamza Bin Jehangir

Negotiating Local and American Identities in Early National Louisiana
M. K. Beauchamp

Hassan Bashir’s broad areas of research interests are Political Theory, International Relations, Ethics and Globalization. His recent work focuses on comparative political theory, history of political thought, Asian Politics, Non-state militancy and the politics of religion in a comparative perspective.

Susmita Roye is an Associate Professor of English at Delaware State University, USA. She has widely published in her areas of interests, which include Indian Writing in English, literature of British India, Memsahibs’ writings, Women’s Writings and Cultural studies.